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03-06-2013, 10:17 PM
An interesting car for someone?


MG J2 1933 ex Grand Prix Car
Start price: $30,000.00
Closes: Sun 17 Mar, 9:00 pm
Listing #: 569655649

On Road Costs: Included
Number plate: 1932J2
Kilometres: 7,000km
Body: Blue/ Blue, 2 door, Convertibl*e
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine: 4 cylinder, 848cc, Manual
Import history: Imported
Registration expires: Aug 2013
WOF expires: Oct 2013

MG J2, 1933

Built at Abingdon, 19th October, 1933
Exported as a rolling chassis to Melbourne. Imported by Lanes Motors, Melbourne and sold to Ces Warren's private race team of MGs: “Britannia Race Team”.
Aspinall race body fitted by C F S (Charlie) Aspinall coachworks in Armadale, Melbourne
Raced by Jim Skinner at Phillip Island in 1934/5 including 1935 Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island.
Purchased in 1980 and imported into NZ together with genuine J2 engine which had been rebuilt by John Porter (Melbourne). Restoration, which included replacing the original no-door race body with traditional J2 body, completed May 1983
Car sold by Chequered Flag (Auckland), asking price $60,000, and stored in private classic car collection in Auckland for ~10 years. Then sold at Turner's Classic Car auction to Auckland MG enthusiast who owned the car for about ten years, during which time the car was only occassionally used. Purchased by present owner in 2007 by which time the car had travelled only a few hundred miles since restoration 27 years earlier. So, although restored 30 years ago the car is in extremely good condition. It has been used regularly by current owner since 2007 and has, in this period always been registered and with a current WOF.
The car has all original J2 parts except for hydraulic instead of cable brakes and the engine rebuild included installation of a new (stronger) Gordon Allen crankshaft, replacing the comparative weak 'wire-hanger' crank originally fitted in J2 motors.
Triple-M (MG Car Club, UK) registered car , # 1906 and tracing the history of the car was featured in a recent Triple-M Year Book (UK).
One of 2082 J2s built. Now painted in Oxford/Cambridge blues. Fitted with an original J2 motor but not the original motor which was fitted to the chassis when the car left Abingdon – the original motor was last heard of in Canada.
Reliable, real classic car, with interesting and fully researched history