View Full Version : Not a new member-just coming out.

06-02-2013, 11:24 PM
Hi all. I am not a new member here but since having joined TRS I have met a number of members who have not worked out who "RF84" is.
My nom de plume comes from the fact that I own 2 RF84 Van Diemen Formula Fords. Most people's response on learning this is "you poor bastard". The first car I bought is the ex Ashley Stichbury car and the second (parts car) is the other ex Murray Taylor car. This means the 2 Murray Taylor cars and 2 ex Murray Taylor mechanics (Darryl and Wayne Palleson) are all in Havelock North!
First race car was the ex Bob Gibbons MKV Cooper JAP. This was joined by a Cooper Climax (unfortunately without the Climax motor-Richard Waddington replaced it with a straight six Holden). This was subsequently sold to Peter Bruin who restored what little was left of the original and sold it to the UK.
The MKV was sold and made way for two cars-an MER (Matamata Engineering Reisterer) sports racer and the ex Stichbury FF.
Been involved with HB Car Club since 1971 as magazine editor, Committee member and Club Captain.