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GPM Motorsport
09-30-2013, 09:47 AM
I'm Dave. I've been involved in Motorsport since 93' mainly club stuff and club rallying since 97' (started in an EB3 Civic, grandpa's axe of Rick O'Neil's Agfa Car, now an 89' Charade)
My current interest is old motorsport videos (that I convert to dvd) and NZ motorsport history.
I have visited this site many times, but never joined. I have now joined in an effort to find info and photos/videos of a few cars, mainly my boss's 911 2.7 RS. I work For Ray Hartley who owns LJ911 the original Lighting Discounter/Lighting Direct 911 2.7RS. We have recently put it back to the livery is was in during the 92 Wellington Street Race. Ray had a lot of photos, but lent them to someone and they got lost.

Steve Holmes
10-04-2013, 03:54 AM
Hi there Dave, welcome to The Roaring Season! Its great to have you here, hope you enjoy your time with us. Please feel free to create any dedicated threads in the General Discussion area in an effort to uncover pics and info on the cars you're interested in. You'll find people on here very keen to help as much as possible.