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Steve Holmes
06-19-2011, 11:01 PM
The Roaring Season website and forum was created for enthusiasts of motorsport history, and of modern day historic racing. We have set a cut-off date of around 1990 for content. That cut-off date may change over time, but right now we want content of racing and cars that are at least 20 years old. There are plenty of forums out there for those more interested in modern racing. So its cool to post content of cars older than 20 years old that compete in modern historic racing, even if the cars were only built 6 months ago. If you have any questions about this, just ask.

This is an international website, so we want members and content from all corners of the world. So don’t be shy, jump on in and share what you have.

The great thing about forums is that we don’t have the space limitations that magazines do. So that means every car can be a feature car, if the owner wants it to be, not just the Ferrari 250GTO’s of this world. So if you have a race car with some history, no matter how legendary or seemingly insignificant, we’re all interested, and we’d love for you to create a thread dedicated to your car, and its history, including its restoration if it has been restored.

Likewise, if you’ve just finished building yourself a Mini, or Escort, or Anglia, or Camaro, etc, to do a bit of historic racing, and you’re proud of the job you’ve done, then go ahead and create a thread of your car, highlighting all the effort you’ve put in, and the fun you’re having with it, we’d all love to see it. Go ahead and tell us what spring rates you use, how it handles, what ‘demon tweeks’ you’ve made. As already stated, every car can be a feature car here, so go ahead and share your pride and joy with others.

The Roaring Season was created with the intention of being an international online historic racing community. So if you have motorsport history photos or modern day historic racing photos you want to share, go ahead and post them. Likewise, if you have information or stories you want to share, go ahead and share them, and if you have questions you want to ask, there will likely be people here who can help. This place is all about education, mystery solving, filling in gaps, and sharing a common passion with like-minded enthusiasts.

Please note that all personal information provided on this forum is private and protected, and we will not give away or sell that information.

Here are a few rules:

1: No religious, political, or racial comments of any kind will be tolerated.
2: No blatant self-promotion in posts or threads. We have advertising options available to anyone who wants to promote their business.
3: No porn.

Simple, huh. So as Darrell Waltrip would say; “Boogity, boogity, boogity. Lets go racin’ boys!”

Welcome to The Roaring Season.