View Full Version : Rare New Zealand Group A Touring film footage 1986-1992 (DVD)

Gerard Richards
06-22-2014, 03:52 AM
Copied from Television NZ coverage to VHS during period 1986-1988 by seller. Recently professionally transferred to DVD format and enhanced and restored in the process. Some parts are a little grainy but quality is generally very good.

Features include:
1988 Two NZ Championship Group A races at the January 1988 NZGP meeting. These races both provided some excellent close racing, with some spectacular spins etc. Commentary was from the very laconic Robbie Francevic, David Oxton and Tony Palmer.

1987 January International Nissan Mobile 500 Group A race on the Wellington waterfront. Includes qualifying and is a very evocative insight into an earlier era, with Walkinshaw Jaguar XJS, BMW's, Nissan Skylines etc.

1986 A raw and chaotically spectacular Sports Sedan/Thunder Saloons handicap race from the 1986 NZGP meeting. Some very thunderous V8 ground shaking noises for the faithful.

1992 Highlights from the Peter Jackson International Grand Prix meeting at Pukekohe, saloons and single seaters

I have only 3x surplus DVD copies available for sale, priced at $50 each, plus postage. Coverage is approximately 2 hours. If interested please contact Gerard Richards at mairangiman@hotmail.com for more details.