View Full Version : Calling all Taranaki Enthusiasts

Laurie Callender
07-17-2011, 07:59 AM
With such a rich heritage of car racing in Taranaki over the years, Hill Climbs, Bent Sprints, Paritutu Road Race, speedway etc. there must be a large collection of cars dotted around in sheds everywhere, where are they now?
My late father, Johnny Callender, was heavily involved in Speedway, Karting , motorbikes and single seater F3 500cc racing. My collection includes his 1953 TQ Midget, his 1960 Kall Kart and we are currently restoring his JBS F3 car. Would be very keen to hear about what other historic vehicles are residing in Taranaki.

JAP powered Three Quarter Midget raced at Waiwakaiho Speedway

1952 JAP powered JBS F3 imported into NZ in 1957

Restored 1960 Villiers 9E 197cc Kall Kart

Steve Holmes
07-18-2011, 06:02 AM
Great first post Laurie. Its amazing the amount of talent to have come out of Taranaki. Especially within the speedway ranks. Those are some fine looking machines you have there. I also wonder sometimes where all the Midgets have gone. Like you say, there must be hundreds of them scattered around the country.