View Full Version : Looking for classic south island race cars to profile/film

08-17-2011, 02:55 AM
Awesome forum here!! Just spent half an hour checking out all the photos...

Anyway, my name is Dominic McGurk, I have a bit of a project going on at the moment whereby I hope to chronicle New Zealand's racing history by just going on a bit of a roadtrip, yarning with people who have got cars with a strong racing history in the 70's to mid-90's. I plan to do a bit of filming as well over the next few months. My creative brief is "Top Gear meets Country Calendar."

The plan so far is to drive around the south island to meet up with a few characters who have been around a while and have touring cars that have either been restored or are in original as-raced condition. If this sounds like a project you would be keen to be a part of and have something in the garage you'd like to share with the world I'd love to hear from you.

I love the Chargers and Falcons as much as anyone, and I'm really like the cars that are a bit wack...Trevor Crowe's V8 starlet sort of a thing. If there is anything a bit different, anyone that wouldn't mind me giving them a call, please get in touch. Also keen to talk to anyone with archival material, photos, videos, pamphlets etc.

Thanks in advance!


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