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10-12-2011, 01:13 AM
I somehow managed to wander in here, the usual serendipitous looking for one thing and then getting distracted by something else, in this case the presence of David McKinney being noted.

Not sure that after reading many of the posts that I am all that good a "fit" given the general run of the topics I have seen. Plus, I am far more an automotive historian than an enthusiast or fan of automobile racing; you might wish to ponder that statement for a moment....

Over the past weekend I attended the annual meeting of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH) which was held in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Friday evening. My fellow dinner companions sharing the table with me were Gordon White, Joe Freeman, and Joel Finn. Gordon and I spent most of supper catching up on things as well as managing to discuss some WW2 history, a reminder of my once being (still am I guess) a military historian. Managed some quick chit-chat with Joe and Joel as well, Joel's "Caribbean Capers" covering the 1957, 1958 & 1960 Cuban GP races (published by Joe) winning one of the major book prizes -- and deserved so.

Then on Saturday, I headed for Watkins Glen and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the inaugural USGP there exactly fifty years to the day. The guest speakers were Gordon Kirby (discussing Mario Andretti) and Michael Lynch (talking about his friend Phil Hill). In addition, Bill Sadler was present as well as Mike Argetsinger with his new book. It was great to spend time with my friends Mike and Michael as well as catch up on the contemporary scene with GK. Meeting Sadler was to become engaged in not only discussion regarding racing but also aviation and military technologies.

I am not much on trivia or other such stuff, I am afraid. Plus, my interest in and thoughts about the usefulness of these sorts of fora is scarcely what it used to be. I find that they tend to be a more of a diversion whenever one's research bogs down a bit or you simply need a break rather than being the research tool some of us once hoped they would be. I am always willing to lend what assistance I can to someone working on a project regarding automobile racing history.

At any rate, I am willing to give pretty much anything a try at least for awhile.


Steve Holmes
10-12-2011, 06:45 AM
Now thats what I call an introduction! Welcome to the site. I'm sure there is plenty you can contribute, and I hope you do.

Now, regarding your first paragraph, "the presence of David McKinney being noted". Were you Goodling David?

10-12-2011, 10:28 AM
No, I was not "googling" David; I already know where to find David if necessary. Rather, I simply happened to see his name in a thread on this forum, otherwise I probably would not have bothered to stop and look at the forum to be very honest or at least not for long. For what little it is worth -- which is very little all things considered, almost a dozen years I established "The Nostalgia Forum" on what was then AtlasF1 and now Autosport.com. That experience was not exactly a pleasant one, especially in light of some recent developments. At any rate, this does seem to be a rather reasonable spot in the otherwise rough & tumble ether.

David McKinney
10-12-2011, 10:34 AM
Good to see you here, Don

Keeping checking in - I'm sure there'll be odd bits to interest you from time to time

10-12-2011, 11:02 AM
Welcome, Mr Capps. Your valued contributions to other fora are the very essence of what many of us seek on the net : whether you will find much to dissect here is open, but I'm sure you will find the sense of joy and honesty shared by the mainly-Antipodean brethren found here will encourage you to join in and add your customary point of view, as always with the advantage of seasoned perspective.
As a broad-search TNFer, I have missed your pithy punctuations, so to find you popping up here is a real treat.