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Steve Holmes
10-17-2011, 11:58 PM

Although just under 2 minutes long, this is a neat piece of footage, which I've watched many times. My understanding is that its from the movie Redline 7000. This movie was released in 1965, directed by Howard Hawkes. Given the movie was released in 1965, I assume most of the filming was done in 1964, making this Galaxie a near new race car, yet its already pretty beat up looking.

The title for the Youtube link says Junior Johnson is doing the driving. Junior did have “Holly Farm Poultry” sponsorship during this time, but he isn't credited for doing any of the stunt work that I can find. I assume thats actor James Caan in the final segment returning to the pits, as he stars in this flick, but I don't know who is tearing up the track in the high speed segment.

But regardless, its a neat bit of footage, with some nice driving of a big block 427 Galaxie powering around the tight Ascot Park Raceway. This little bullring was a popular choice among the movie and tv production companies, as its handy Gardena, California location made it a good place for any speedway filming that needed doing. The track was run by famous event promoter and car owner (his cars won the Indy 500 twice) J. C. Agajanian, but was closed in 1990.

I assume the sound has been tweaked (or dubbed) somewhat, although its still pretty convincing. And yes, tyres can squeal on dirt, especially when its as packed down as it is here. Anyway, enjoy it for what it is. And turn the sound up!

10-18-2011, 07:31 AM
I went to Ascot Park once in 1981 and a couple of times in 84!! great memorys for quite a historic dirt track!!!

I believe its still there today but all over grown!! and never been built on?

Dale Mathers

Steve Holmes
10-18-2011, 09:23 PM
Amazing its never been built on Dale! What did they have racing there when you visited?

10-19-2011, 08:38 AM
They ran wingless 360CI Sprint Cars and Midgets from memory!! what impressed me the most, after growing with NZ speedway was that no one sat or stood on the corners, infact the corners where fenced off!!! i understood why once i saw a Sprinter leap the fence and go out into the paddock!!! pretty sure it was 1/3 mile and they used the infeild as the pits!!! I was only 21 when i went back in 1981 so was a wide eye'd kid!! I believe it was an old waste dump so hence it never got built on!!

Dale Mathers