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03-16-2012, 08:33 PM
Does anybody know of any period race cars for sale,Ex Coppins ,Riley, Fahey,Etc 70,s Camaro Mustang or similar ,Genuine Cars With History Thanks

03-16-2012, 09:56 PM
Boy, you not asking for much Rodeck!!! the only one i know of is that the Bowdens will sell the Fahey 66 Mustang, this was sometime ago!! otherwise all the rest are in the hands of people/person that don't need to sell, and believe me i've tried!! and offcourse we must remember there weren't many of these cars to start with!!

Dale Mathers

Steve Holmes
03-30-2012, 01:08 AM
Does anybody know of any period race cars for sale,Ex Coppins ,Riley, Fahey,Etc 70,s Camaro Mustang or similar ,Genuine Cars With History Thanks

The old Greg Cusack, Niel Allen, Fred Gibson Shelby built '67 Mustang is for sale in the US. It raced in the 1967 and '68 Australian Touring Car Championships. Despite what the ad says, I don't think this car ever raced outside Australia, but still a very historic car. US$350,000 buys it: http://www.canepacollection.com/detail-1967-shelby-mustang-trans_am-used-5117120.html

03-31-2012, 02:09 PM
Rodeck,......I have been asked to find a home for 'Probably' the most famous ANZAC 'sports sedan', project requires completion, but the 'Hard Yards' are done, If you foolishly want to haggle the price, it is $250KAUD, the real price is $225000AUD, this is a serious opportunity to own a very very famous winning, built in NZ , driven by a Kiwi, 'sports sedan'....or...

...If you want the most original Factory/'Famous' BMW/635, (with spares), super rare opportunity to own a 'Piece' of Australasian/Asian/European motor racing history, 2nd SPA, 2nd FUJI, 2nd Bathurst, Driven by a 'G.Berger' ('some one from overseas!!) at the Adelaide Grand Prix,lay out $250K, become popular..."you bought that car"?????...........If interested, I will only discuss these cars futures, 'Privately'......PM me!!......both cars are based in Australia...

..also have Australia's best prepared/best looking/ C3 Corvette, 'For Sale', reputed to be the 2nd fastest 'racing' Vette in OZ....( engine only developed to produce a relaible 450 Horse)....loads of development yet, Corvette/ trailer /spares/ with current CAMS 'Log Book' for 'Tarmac' events Regularity events and is still 'Road Registered', loads of potential with this Vette, 'Body and Paint' by a Kiwi :p (must be good!!).....Brown paper Bag price $65K .....or lets start at $70K and Haggle!!!!!...Pm Me!!!............Regards thunder427/MJ:cool:...

...these are 'real deal' opportunities and when I say 'these opportunities don't normally reach the 'open' public/ forums,believe me!!!, these cars are under consideration as I write, but there is something about, 'Shit or get of the pot', comes to mind ....regards /MJ:o