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05-26-2011, 08:30 AM
Engine is NOW Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold.

OK, this is/was a running going Ford FE 427 Side Oil Engine that as removed from the Rorison Boss 429. Back in 02 i purchased a 1970 Boss 429 for the late Gary Rorison and it came with this engine already fitted, when i restored the car the 427 Engine was removed for fitment of the correct Boss 429 Engine. I bought this Boss though a second party from Fresno, CA that was selling for a Oil Exec out of Alaska. The story goes he bought this 427 Side Oil Brand New direct from Holman & Moody back in the 70's, fitted it to this Boss and drag raced it, when i purchase'd this Boss it had Tramp Bars, Low Diff Gears, Speed Shifter, Electric Fuel pump in the boot and a host of other drag race goodies. Gary drove this Boss in NZ with the 427 engine for a short time so it was a running and driving in the car, i even drove it myself many times. Here's what i know:

H&M FE 427 Side Oil Engine, Low Riser Heads, Factory Dual 4 Barrel holleys, Autolite distributor, Correct Balancer, Canton Oil Pan, Cobra Valve Covers and Air Cleaner, Flywheel & clutch, pretty much complete from Fan to Flywheel, Air Cleaner to Oil Pan. I don't have any casting numbers but can get them. Has been out of the car for some years now and would recommend rebuilding the Engine. Asking $25K

Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold, Sold

Dale Mathers
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