• 1971 Crystal Palace Saloon Car Race

    The small Crystal Palace venue, in London, is a track that has long held a fascination for me. Its not considered one of the 'greats', it boats no legendary corners, but this amazing winding little circuit is situated within one of the most densely populated cities on earth.

    This video features just one race, and its 16 minutes long, so get comfortable. But I promise you, time will fly. And the finish is worth the wait. This is not a British Saloon Car Championship race, but it is represented by several leading contenders of British saloon car racing of the period, including Gerry Marshall in a Vauxhall Viva GT, Martin Thomas in a Chev Camaro, and Mike Crabtree in a Ford Escort RS1600.

    The sound quality is superb, and a rare treat to hear these cars as they were, fully un-muffled, and the deep thunderous beat of the Camaro is off-set by the high pitched shriek of the Escort, and the flat boom of Marshalls Viva. And, of course, Murray Walkers unmistakable commentary sets the tone perfectly.
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