• Ford Transit Supervan 1

    Ford of Great Britain commissioned Terry Drury Racing to build the original Transit 'Supervan', based on their MkI Ford Transit. Supervan was created as a clever market project, to both promote the Transit van, and Fords own sporting prowess.

    Although an original steel Transit van body was used, it was extensively modified. It featured a mid-mounted 5.0 litre Gurney-Weslake Ford V8 topped with four Webers and said to be from a Ford GT40, which was backed by a 5-speed ZF trans-axle and GT40 vented disc brakes and had fully independent suspension. The cross-over exhaust system definitely looked GT40. And the exhaust note is definite GT40 too.

    Performance was pretty impressive, given its obvious aerodynamic handicap and weight. 0-60mph in 7 sec, 0-100 in 21 sec, while the standing mile was achieved in 14.5 sec.

    It looked quite terrifying at speed, with massive body roll, and the inside front wheel would often lift through corners, but as a promotional tool, it was incredibly successful. Unveiled in early 1971, Ford demonstarted Supervan at several events throughout the next couple of years, and it also toured Ford dealerships. Supervan was used throughout the early part of the '70s, then retired. Ford then built Supervan 2, which debuted in 1984, and which itself would be succeeded by Supervan 3 ten years later.

    But what became of the original Supervan? It was apparently road registered in the early 1970s. Ford sold it into private ownership, and in recent years have tried, unsuccessfully (apparently), to trace its current whereabouts. Some reports suggest it does still exist, although there is at least one replica being built, so its possible the replica may have been confused as the real thing.
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