• The Mike Feisst Collection - Part 1

    Some years ago I received an email from a fellow called Mike Feisst, whod read a few historic motor racing magazine articles Id written, and wanted to send me some cds containing photos hed taken that I might find useful. To any historic anorak, these sorts of emails are pretty exciting, as no matter how large or small the collection, there is always something of use.

    Eventually, the cds turned up, and to say Id underestimated the extent of Mikes collection, would be a massive understatement. Mike (Roaring Season member kiwi285) is a racing enthusiast like no other. He is still as passionate about racing now as he was as a youngster in the 60s, and is always accompanied by his trusty camera hanging around his neck.

    Mikes cds span the late 60s through the early 80s, and include everything from Tasman cars, to Formula 5000, and the formative years of Formula Atlantic/Pacific, of which the early cars are some of the most beautiful race cars ever built. Also included are several junior formula, plus saloons, including Group 5, and Sports Sedans, and Australian Improved Production, from his visits across the Tasman. And there is also a smattering of Sports Car shots, rallying, and even a few hot rods.

    Ill be posting Mikes entire collection from each of the cds, of which there are five. Each cd will receive its own separate thread, just so nothing gets lost in the sheer scale of the collection. Also note, the photos are posted in the order theyre saved on each cd, so are not in chonological order.

    Itll take some time to post the entire collection, so be patient, but its worth the wait.

    More of the collection can be viewed here > >
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