• Ford Sierra RS Cosworth/RS500

    Its interesting how we often remember the time and place, and what we were doing, the first time we set eyes on a significant car. For me, it was January 1987, I was on holiday with my family, we were visiting a Ford dealership, as my father likes to do on holiday, and I wandered up to the showroom and peered through the window. And right there, sat a sparkling new Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, in Moonstone Blue.

    Anyone with even the remotest interest in motorsport in the mid-1980s knew about the new Sierra Cosworth Ford had developed for Group A Touring Car racing. At a time when turbo-charging in road cars was becoming very popular as a marketing tool, Ford went the whole-hog with the Cosworth. This was a car developed not to be a big seller on dealership showroom floors, but to homologate the Sierra for motor racing. The DOHC turbo-charged motor may have been one of the key ingredients that would set the Sierra for domination in Group A over the coming years, but it was a combination of the slippery curvaceous body work and that outrageous rear wing that were the subject of so much excitement on the cars release.

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