• The Steve Twist Collection - Jack Inwood Photos

    As an addition to the large collection of historic New Zealand motor racing photos Steve Twist has sent me these past twelve months, is his collection of Jack Inwood photos.

    This is a collection of 30 stunning Jack Inwood photos, which Steve has owned for many years, and wanted to share here on The Roaring Season. All the photos are of saloon cars, no single seaters, sorry. But they are stunning, and the collection provides an opportunity to appreciate the immense talent that Jack Inwood possessed, to capture these machines at their most magic, and most dramatic moments, so the viewer could gain a real appreciation of how hard these drivers were working, and all with the limited photographic technology that was available in the 1960s.

    Jack was truly a master of his trade.

    The rest of the collection can be viewed here > >

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