• The Ian Peak Collection - Part 3

    It's been a while since I finished uploading Part 2 of the Ian Peal Collection, so figured it was time I got started on Part 3. This part centres mostly around the 1970 racing season, in New Zealand, and at Teretonga, the worlds most southern race track.

    The images Ian captures here are completely fascinating, as much for the background, including the incredible make-shift grandstands built by the local race fans, as for the cars themselves.

    Most of the images were taken during the Teretonga round of the 1970 Tasman Series, which was the first for New Zealand under it's newly adopted Formula A/Formula 5000 rules. There are also some fantastic saloon car rcaing photos to accompany the single seaters.

    I'll ID the drivers and cars as much as I can, but as always, appreciate and welcome input from those more knowledgeable than myself.

    Anyway, here it is folks, enjoy!

    The rest of the collection can be viewed here > >

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