• The Graham Ruckert Collection: Part 1

    I am really pleased to announce the addition of the superb Graham Ruckert Collection of historic Australian motor racing photos to The Roaring Season. Graham is a Queensland born and bred racing enthusiast, who photographed events at his local tracks from the late 1960s, through the mid-1970s. You may recognise some of his work, he has had photos published in various Australian publications, including Racing Car News and Auto Action.

    Graham takes up the story: "My coverage of events is a bit patchy, as over the years your situation changes and you move on to other things, so the bulk of it covers racing, hillclimbs and rallies from 1969 to 1976; then a big gap until I got the urge again around 1998 through to 2005 (mainly historic events). In the early days I sold a lot of photos as I was the only photographer up here covering rallies; circuit racing was not as lucrative however (and there was more opposition). In the later days the only income I received was from the various publications I wrote for".

    What I love about Graham's images, other than the fact they're visually stunning, is that he covers many of the small-time amateur racers, and not just the nationally famous super stars. So you'll see some fantastic racing machines in this collection, huge variety, and some real oddities; essentially, an amazing mix of professional and grass-roots.

    Enjoy the ride.

    The rest of this collection can be viewed here > >

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