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    Ken Hyndman joined The Roaring Season in late 2013. Upon joining, he sent me this wonderful message:

    "I grew up in the Morrinsville, New Zealand, area during the days of Dennis Marwood, Bryan Innes and Spinner Black etc. Great memories. Went to England in 1972 and got a job working on Hewland transmissions at Trojan Works.
    A wonderful experience with Can Am and F5000 cars and drivers and we were also the workshop for Suzuki of GB and could go to bike races to help Barry Sheene in his early days. I used to go to races with Patrick Head in my Morris Minor as neither of us had any money in those days !

    "I left when the fuel crunch slowed things at the end of 1973 and came to California and married and remain here. I spent one month in 1975 helping my good friend Graham Donaldson on the Teddy Yip team with Sid Taylor and Tony Brise as the brilliant driver in the T330 as we did the Long Beach, Laguna Seca and Riverside F5000 races before Tony sadly lost his life with Graham Hill a few weeks later. I have just followed racing since.

    Thank you for this site.

    I have some photos to share from back then if you are interested".

    Interested? Absolutely! I'm hoping Ken will share not only his images from his time in motor racing, but also his stories. He has already sent me an interesting collection of the photos he has taken, which I'll be posting here. The first batch of these are from the 1973 British Grand Prix, and they're just beautiful!

    Ken takes up the story:

    "I had the 'awful' task of taking some transmission parts to Sid Taylor from our Trojan shop to be put in Jody Scheckter's F5000 T101 before it was sent to the States. That let me in so I could watch from above the McLaren (for whom Scheckter was driving this weekend) pit while the action went on below. I only had a 24 capacity 35 mm film in my camera so I tried to make the most of what I could".

    Ken has provided a description to go with many of his photos, so I'll post that description with each, as this really helps the photos tell the story.


    The rest of this collection can be viewed here > >

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