• The Gary Clarke Collection - Part 1

    OK, I've been holding onto this collection of images for a couple of months now, trying to find the time to post them. Many need resizing, and I was also wanting to research them, to provide captions where possible. But I finally came to the conclusion I might not find the time to achieve this any time soon, and that there are members on this forum far more knowledgeable than I, so I should just post them as they are, and let you guys fill in the gaps.

    Although this is called the Gary Clarke Collection, these photos weren't actually taken by Gary. They were taken by friends and colleagues who wanted him to scan and share them, and so there are several people involved. The images are exactly as I got them from Gary. You'll note his name is etched into each one. This is because he was sharing them on his Facebook page, but found people kept taking them and posting them elsewhere without any credit, so hence why they're now all branded.

    Most of the pics are from the 1960s and '70s, and there is a lot of really cool middle and lower tier and grass-roots stuff in here, which we all love! The images appear to be mostly centred around New South Wales (Warwick Farm, Hume Weir, Amaroo Park etc), although you'll no doubt spot a few that aren't.

    There are approx 300 pics in all, so I'll be splitting them over several parts.

    Anyway, I'll just post them, you guys can fill in the gaps. Enjoy, and thanks in advance.

    The rest of this collection can be viewed here >>

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