• The Rhys Nolan Collection

    I've actually been holding on to this neat old photo collection for some time. In fact, quite a lot longer than owner Rhys Nolan would have liked. Many of you on here know Rhys as 'Oldfart'.

    Rhys loaned me this lovely old album book of his, with photos spanning from 1965 through 1967, so I could scan the images and share them here. Trouble was, my scanner had quit on me, and I hadn't got around to purchasing another. So Rhys' album sat in my bookshelf. And then it sat, and sat some more. Eventually, I tried taking a close-up photo of one of Rhys' photos, and really liked the way it looked. The photo captured the 50 year old yellowed pages of his album, as well as his basic description penned by Rhys for most of the photos, and the little photo date on each.

    To that end, I photographed each photo, in an effort to finally share this collection with you. I hope you enjoy them. They're really neat, honest images, that capture the era perfectly. But best of all, I can finally return Rhys' photo album!

    The rest of this collection can be viewed here >>

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