• Build Thread: The Roaring Season Firebird

    Well this is it folks. I have finally begun the first steps to making the switch from spectator, to driver. Its been a lifelong ambition of mine to go car racing, and specifically, historic car racing, and this build thread is dedicated to the 1967 Pontiac Firebird I eventually intend to race. This car will be known as The Roaring Season Firebird.

    The reason for building this car is two-fold. Not only will I finally get to make real a dream of building and racing my own historic car, Iíll also get to share the car with all of you, the members and visitors of The Roaring Season, who have provided me with so much enjoyment since I first started this site back in 2011, and so much inspiration. Its my goal to bring the car to as many tracks as I can, and to fully take advantage of track days and lunchtime parades, to get as many TRS members and supporters into the passenger seat as possible. This is really a car for everyone here to enjoy.

    I think itíll be a great way to promote The Roaring Season, and to allow me to meet more TRS members. And I hope it helps make this an even better website, by encouraging even more old photo collections and great stories out of the woodwork.

    As great as my passion is for motorsport history, I really donít make a good spectator. And while I love running The Roaring Season, and love being involved in running historic groups such as New Zealand Historic Muscle Cars/Historic Saloon Cars, to maintain my interest, I need to get my backside into a race car. The Roaring Season Firebird will incorporate many of my interests into one package, and keep me motivated going forward to stay involved in historic car racing.

    Iím not a wealthy guy, and if I were more sensible, I probably wouldnít be building this car. But at the same time, Iím fully aware that life is short, and I donít want to leave this earth with any regrets. I recently turned 45, and have been wanting to go historic car racing since I was 21, when I attended the Silverstone Classic event in the early 1990s while doing my OE. So this is going to be a big challenge for me, but its one Iím prepared to tackle head-on.

    I raced Karts as a teenager for about five years through to the age of 20. But Iíve never done any car racing. So this whole process is going to be a big learning curve, which I hope you will all enjoy being a part of.

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