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  1. Hi Kirk sorry I just found your message yes I do have some books on the smaller race cars and home built cars and I am happy with lending you a few to read. I am looking for an old smaller engine race car to have a go at racing but so are a lot of others so the prices are getting prohibitive.I am building a larger "special" for paddock/Vintage racing based on a 28 DA Dodge chassis with 1930s Dodge flathead running gear like the striped down cars that race on beaches and dirt tracks before the war. give me a call on 0277263032 to arrange a visit. Cheers Bruce Buchanan
  2. Hi Hot Rod. I came across your details on the book collecting thread on the Roaring Season website. I see you are based in Waimate? I live just out of Pleasant Point, so not far from you. The reason for the contact is your collection of motorsport books - I have the same problem, over 500 in my collection. My interest is the smaller engined categories (500cc F3, etc) and the one off backyard specials that you never hear off, which is why I am contacting you. You have a number of books by CAN May, as do I, but you have the 2 'Wheelspin' books, which I do not. Keen to see if you are interested in some kind of reciprocal book share arrangement (borrow to read as opposed to selling?). On a separate issue, I do have some books to sell if you are interested? PM me if keen. Cheers, Kirk Martin
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