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  1. Hi Steve, Did I send you the photos I have taken at the Australian Muscle Car Masters, whilst not Kiwi there are some great cars that we would all recognise.

    Cheers Mike
  2. Hi Steve,

    What about a 'Wanted' section on the site.

    I have recently purchased some back copies of Allan Dick's 'Classci Driver' magazine and have finished reading issue # 10 with Part 1 of the Paul Fahey story. I can't purchase issue # 11 but really want to read the rest of the story as it covers the Escort and Capri years. I am looking to see if anyone has the issue and might be able to photocopy it for me.

    Cheers Mike (kiwi285)

    PS fantastic to see the photos going up on the website and a big thank you for doing the resizing for me.
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