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  1. This is becoming a habit,I phoned John Armstrong last night to get some of the numbers he raced under, as I have had the use of several Photo albums to scan the contents of. I had promised to scan some of Johns history which is easy to identify, but pictures with no titles are another story.John had not heard of "" and thought I was referring to the stags bellowing in the hills behind where he lives in the Marlborough Sounds.I have now Emailed him the link so we will have another knowledgable mind on the site . I tried with Avon Hyde, but if it doesn't have pistons he is lost.
  2. I have this morning delivered a couple of photo's to Rod Collingwood, along with the URL to this site, he was not aware of its existence,he was also given some instructions as to where he can find things relating to him. As he is still involved almost full time restoring and maintaining cars, his circle of friends will also be informed of theroaringseason.I expect Rod will become another valued contributor.
  3. I have received an Email that has a number of Pictures of Morgan cars being assembled in the Morgan factory and would like to make them available to the members, how can I go about doing this.
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