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  1. Arthur Kennard - 1954 100 that became the Healey - Corvette.

    Kelvin Brown wrote about the photo ;
    " Looks like the Lake Bryndwr circuit with " Pop " Fisher of Kaikoura in his Ford 10 Special on the tail of maybe Arthur Kennard ? Austin Healey, likely the...
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    Can't help with the date but do have this a hand...

    Can't help with the date but do have this a hand drawn map of the Club Circuit as used by NSCC in 1978.
    Club were still using the full circuit including the loop part in 1979 / 80.

    Think was...
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    Ardmore and Little Ardmore ..

    Last Grand Prix meeting at Ardmore was 1962, by January 1963 Pukekohe had opened.
    Both Auckland Car Club and Northern Sports Car Club used to run meetings at Ardmore called usually " Little Ardmore...
  4. Telecom Classic MOTORFEST 1993 and 1994 ..

    They ran two 1993 and 1994, My thread on the event has as 928 says many photos and information from the Organisers and Competitors.
    Have the Ticket in 1994 a Phone card ." Telecom Classic " ....
  5. VCC a recent event - part 3 - 1960's 70's cars mainly

    A very nice Graber styled Alvis Convertible ..



    " ROGBJ8 " - a slightly different photo from those posted on the Austin Healey thread..

    The TR4 - again
  6. VCC a recent event part 2

    More from Tauranga, 1940's 50's mainly.

    Alvis, the early one - was a later one for the 1960's group


    Ford 8 REV instead of FEV, or FEF for today. Rear End View.
    Love the sign on the...
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    928 - Yes he is, and the weather was good when he...

    928 - Yes he is, and the weather was good when he took the photos of the Hillman and the Sierra pair at Caffeine and Classics October 2020.. Was there too and we had a chat, as was Kevin Hirst A95,...
  8. OON439 - Special Test Car - one of the 5 Special 100S models

    A photo of OON439 in the Foyer of the Royal Automobile Club Offices and Clubrooms in the UK.


    OON439 and the 100S Specification Coupe [rear of car ] that was Donald Healey's personal car...
  9. RIP Gerry Coker - some Healey memorabilia and images

    Gerry Coker the designer of the Austin Healey 100 passed away recently in his 90's and a number of tributes have been posted in his honour with images including these two line drawings of the 100...
  10. Great progress Paul, Saw this American Falcon...

    Great progress Paul,

    Saw this American Falcon at Caffeine and Classics - the October event at Smales Farm.



    A fairly rare car here in NZ.
  11. " Austin Healey (BN 4 ? )with steel disc wheels...

    " Austin Healey (BN 4 ? )with steel disc wheels and hub caps which is a rare sight today "
    Ken H, yes would say BN4, as definitely 100 -Six, has the crease in the bonnet [ hood in the USA ] and...
  12. Pukekohe 1966 - the February meeting

    The full list of entries for the February 1966 meeting and a photo from the grid.

    Entry List by Graham Woods.


    The Robin Tanner [ RIP Robin ] Edelbrock Ford V8 with a group of Mini's...
  13. " Chrysler Airflow getting some love "

    Just for you Ray Bell, I didn't take a photo of it - but it is in the background here too ... side view in the distance.


    I do like Triumph TR's as well as Healey's so took these two...
  14. VCC a recent event

    Attended the Tauranga branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand on Sunday at their Clubrooms - Cliff Road, Tauranga.

    A few of the true Vintage Cars - made well before the current 30 year rule....
  15. AH 3000 - " ROGBJ8 "

    At Tauranga on the weekend, The Vintage Car Club - Tauranga branch Car Show and Swap Meet.
    " ROGBJ8 " was there - the only Healey I saw [ arrived as some cars were already heading home ].

    The car...
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    Thanks Milan, good to see them in action

    Thanks Milan, good to see them in action
  17. Ken H, Saw a nice TR3 yesterday, and a TR4A,...

    Ken H,

    Saw a nice TR3 yesterday, and a TR4A, *** as well as a BJ8 model Austin Healey with the Rego " ROGBJ8 ", at the Tauranga Vintage Car Club " Car Show and Swap Meeting " at their Clubrooms on...
  18. Apollo GT .. **l

    Ken H,

    Car looks familiar ! - The same car -
    There was a similar looking " Buick " powered Sports Coupe built in the early 1960's - remember seeing a story / road test in a Road and Track or...
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    Caffeine and Classics Smales Farm Auckland..

    More of the unusual, as in less seen these days vehicles.


    Another 50's car a Flying A - owned by Ron Hancock who had his Austin A95 Station Wagon at the June event.


    Nuffield -...
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    Unusual vehicles at Caffeine and Classics - not an MX5 in sight.

    Some cars seen before - the AC but others new to the events that I have been to in the last 3 and half years !




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    Thanks, Rhys, had just read it on a post by...

    Thanks, Rhys, had just read it on a post by Kelvin Brown.
    Bruce's contribution to the marque was huge.

    Kelvin posted this photo of team Buckler after the 1982 Perrier Le Mans relay race at...
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    TRS Guys cars at C and C, an MX5 or two too !!

    Caffeine and Classics October 2020 - some photos

    Geebeez MX5 the really early one No 107..from 1989 - Is it the oldest in New Zealand ? - was imported in September 1996. reg UN9667. Is badged at...
  23. Allan Horner's Sprite

    Allan Horner's Sprite as seen in the above post - my own photo.


    parked next to that MGB GT of Stuart Battersby a VCC guy who took the photo in the previous post at Caffeine and Classics...
  24. Ken H - of course I have " borrowed " the Jerry...

    Ken H - of course I have " borrowed " the Jerry Melton photos, and the coloured ones you have posted.

    PS ..
    Had plans to get there 23 - 24 January but things have gotten [ as they say in...
  25. Corvette Grand Sport ..

    Ken H, my Man..
    Thanks for the Corvette Grand Sport photos - I had a question about the first post #292 race # 00 what was the Chassis number but in post #293 you answered it - Chassis #003....
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