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  1. UJB141, UJB142 UJB143 - the 1960 Sebring Cars UJB143 was at Le Mans

    The " Works " Cars at Sebring.

    My books by Geoff Healey and the BMC/BL Works Competition Book make no mention of the Le Mans event or Sebring in 1960..
    Were they Private Entries or done by the...
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    ERC " Ellerslie 1984 " Presume that is Ferris...


    " Ellerslie 1984 " Presume that is Ferris standing behind the MG Special adjusting something. - What a stylish car it is too !!

    Another photo of the " Holden powered car ?? stated as 2171...
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    Ferris De Joux GT and Ferraguar

    The latest issue of New Zealand Classic Driver has a letter to the Editor about 3 of Ferris De Joux cars
    The " Ferraguar " Coupe, a Fastback Coupe and the De Joux Coupe which could be either the...
  4. Hamilton Car Club - Waharoa 1961 Hautapu 1970

    From Richard Bauz archives on the " Orchid Special " - Richard purchased the " Orchid " a few years ago and it is now in France. The items were on a TRS thread #847 - must check.


  5. Motoring - more Memories - Old Registration Stickers

    Registration from 1987 - 1991 The new style of sticker and one of the " C " ones from 1981 -82

    According to the Instructions attached below " Any old labels must be removed ".
    The stickers below...
  6. Targa NZ - VCC Time Trial .. an Adventure

    The latest issue of New Zealand Classic Driver has a story about Alan Horner and his " Adventures on the Targa VCC Time Trial :.
    Alan had Driver Frank Karl, of Healey 3000 and F5000 fame as the Main...
  7. Good story Ray Bell, Thanks for the details on...

    Good story Ray Bell,
    Thanks for the details on the " Turner " too !! - Nice little cars - a rival for the Austin Healey Sprite /MG Midget " Spridget "..
  8. Kerepehi Grass Track 1966..

    One of the few photos I have found of Grass Track racing at " Kerepehi Domain ".

    A modified Standard 10 - [ or is it an " 8 " - as has the sliding windows ] powered by a Ford 1500 motor.
  9. More Random Healey - pictures

    Another " Giant " - Dinky Toy.. [ see post #1243 for another one ]


    The Ross Bond Healey 3000 from Australia - the car became more radical over the years.
    Here at Oran Park, leading a...
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    Goodwood 2022 .. The ex New Zealand Buckler 90 UK Reg DAA300

    Posted on Buckler Cars and Karts facebook page - these images of the Ivy Stephenson, Bruce Sutcliffe and others Buckler. Well known in New Zealand with its De Joux body.

    Photos from Bart Jonkers...
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    Ostrich Farm Road, an NSCC Hill Climb venue

    Posted details of the HillClimb held there in December 1959 in a previous post.
    John Windelburn sent me this recently.
    John in his Austin A35

    Ostrich Farm event in February 1959.
    The Entrants...
  12. G Meekings, Waikato Motor Racing Club, Hamilton Car Club.

    Found this from Milan Fistonic about the NSCC Little Ardmore in 1960 and there is G Meekings in a Ford Special, a Dennis Marwood in a Hillman [ a farming boy from around Morrinsville in the heart of...
  13. Hora Hora, Glen Murray and the Waikato.

    " The road is still the same now just not as rough around the edges ! "

    Indeed Ken H, you posted a picture of part of the road taken in 2018.

    Glen Murray was happening then and even in later...
  14. Hamilton Car Club / Waikato Motor Racing Club

    Mentioned on another thread - when I saw a Membership card for the " Waikato Motor racing Club Inc " for the 1957 / 58 year.


    Going through an old NZ Classic Car magazine from May 2009...
  15. NOJ393 - before, during, Le Mans 1955, after 1969 and now- Mille Miglia 2018.

    Various photos of NO393 in 100S form.

    At Le Mans in 1955 - in the pits and the crash.


    As seen in 1969 at Auction.

  16. NOJ393 - One of the " Special Test Cars " built by the Donald Healey Motor Company

    NOJ393, one of the AHX 1953 Special Test Cars -
    Chassis No SPL226B, Engine No 1B136878,
    Later when converted to a 100S, Engine No SPL261BN.

    The Car was raced at Le Mans in 1953 as a 100 and in...
  17. Ken H ... like Greg T I could not work out that...

    Ken H ... like Greg T I could not work out that word - thanks for the translation - mind you you did work in the UK for a while..


    a photo of the cars Chassis Plate -

  18. Oldfart, have heard / read of it but have no...

    Oldfart, have heard / read of it but have no information although have a few SCW magazines from the 1960's.

    If you have some details would like to see them on here.


  19. Waharoa Grass Track meetings

    Oldfart - Have seen very little of these but I did find a little on Waharoa which has been posted on here, think your Matamata thread but need to check.

    Kerephehi - went there once in February...
  20. New Book - recently published ..will mention SPL226B

    The Book by Jack Barlow about Lance Macklin - the American who raced for Donald Healey Motor Company works team in the 1955 Le Mans and elswhere.

    Should be a good read but unknown when it will be...
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    FB3941 .. for hotrod1, Bruce B..

    Not a Herald as one would know it - and yes we know that the original " T - Car " was based on a Herald chassis but what hotrod1 has is much more interesting..

    " Year: 1965
    Make: TRIUMPH
  22. Sebring in the 1960's - small Healey and an aerial image..

    Think this is 1967 .. a Sprite in front - of the group.


    1968 a view of the track .. or part of it !!

  23. Allan - missed your comment - post #299 now...

    Allan - missed your comment - post #299 now suitably corrected - Thanks for the information.

  24. Te Pirita a map of the original airfield overlaid.

    Should have gone to Spec-Savers.

    Just word searched ' Te Pirita ' on this forum and found it mentioned by " jellywrestler " on a separate thread and in " Old Race Tracks." too - found my own post...
  25. " elongated tails. " Thanks for that Ray Bell - I...

    " elongated tails. " Thanks for that Ray Bell - I thought so too about the tails - which is like those on the record breaker / endurance cars in the mid/later 1950's 1954-56 on.

    Start order -...
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