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  1. Thanks Nigel - and yes " Healey's are Red "..

    Thanks Nigel - and yes " Healey's are Red "..
  2. Thanks Kevin, and today I saw a photo of the...

    Thanks Kevin,
    and today I saw a photo of the Riley Two Point Six - which had the original version of the " C " series the 2639 cc with the restricted manifold that made the 100 Six so wheezy.
  3. Thanks for " your inputs " Ray Bell,as Ken H...

    Thanks for " your inputs " Ray Bell,as Ken H says.

    I need to do some more looking as there was a 6 cylinder engine of around 2.4 litres at one stage was used in Australia [ used in the Freeways...
  4. The " A " .. " B ".. and " C " of BMC engines..

    Ray Bell, your comment.

    " Didn't we establish that the C-series was a design from the Morris drawing rooms? "

    Got my hands smacked [ not on TRS I might add ] for saying that the Austin A40...
  5. 281,281 .. love sequences .. the number of view...

    281,281 .. love sequences .. the number of view as at now 6;10 on 8th December 2019..

    and a picture A-H of course ..


    The car is /was a Ruddspeed and I am hoping for more information...
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    Nelson Photo News - Slot Car Racing..

    From a North Islander - this from the South Island - Nelson Photo News .. putting this here Gerard but had to reduce size - will E-mail a the bigger version to you. Cheers.

  7. Sprite wins Hillclimb.

    On the thread about a set of photos on the 1965 Hillclimb at Station Road, Fordell, was this comment by " 225sloper " and a series of photos ;
    " Found these photos in a old Photo News dated 1965 of...
  8. Bruce Lester Sprite.

    Had not seen these photos before and being in Wanganui is Bruce any relation to Rob Lester, from down that way.

    1,bringing the thread to the fore
    2, borrowing the Sprite photo's for the...
  9. Sports Car World an other Magazines

    The Austin Healey connection - the SCW magazine on the right - has a Road Test of an early AH 3000 - the test is in 1961 of a car owned by a Cambodian Diplomat - apparently there were no AH 3000's in...
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    Monza Jaguar and others !!

    ERC, Ray, the Monza Jaguar - offset driving position, so presume could be run as a Sports car with cycle guards and lights and a - ' nominal ' passenger seat. I like it.

    MX5 with spare...
  11. Yes indeed, I read about in a Car magazine,...

    Yes indeed, I read about in a Car magazine, unsure if Autocar as don't usually buy it but,do get a loan of mags, or see at a Medical waiting room, - nothing serious, being there.
    Oldfart, " Hast...
  12. A125 Jensen 541

    " The Jensen 541 is an automobile which was produced by Jensen Motors from 1954 to 1959. It was first exhibited at the London Motor Show in October 1953,[4] and production started in 1954.

    The 541...
  13. Ruddspeed 3000 Austin Healey 4000 / 4200. A125 more of the Hicks story..

    The engines - the Austin 4000 beside the AH 3000 - Myles Hicks photo from when they got the engines out of the two cars the Healey and the A90.

    This is for you Ray Bell. ***

    Huge difference in...
  14. Ruddspeed 3000 Austin Healey Russell Leathers Car

    Russell Leathers must have done a few North Island meetings in the car
    Here he is on the entry list at Ohakea 1961 - thanks once again to Graham Woods
    [ - will send this to Myles Hicks in case he...
  15. I believe that one of those Renault R8 Gordini [...

    I believe that one of those Renault R8 Gordini [ or South African Tuned model ] cars came to New Zealand with a South African who used to Race it ..
  16. Mustang and Morrari by Duncan Laird at Pukekohe 1965

    A couple of Duncan Laird photos - presume at the same meeting which according to the Driver of the Anglia Dave Simpson would be December 1965 - the Auckland Car Clubs meeting.

    The Fleetwood...
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    Classic & Sports Car - October 2019

    Purchased my copy today - went to Paper Plus at Bethlehem - nothing, A huge shop that has about 6 Car magazines, had to pop into the Countdown Supermarket and there it was.
    Paper Plus in Birkenhead...
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    Great stuff as always ... and 888,504 views when...

    Great stuff as always ... and 888,504 views when I clocked in will be more now !!
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    " The Flying Dork " Skoda story

    Great to read Rhys - keep a copy of the photo, sorry it is small, but that was how the were posted by John Coker .. he scanned them and didn't even crop the picture so was a full page with a small...
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    Skoda Rally team - NZ International Rally 1971

    A selection of photos on the NZ Skoda Rally Team. 1971 NZ Rally .. A rally with international Competitors - if not an actual International Rally
    Extract from a History of the Silver Fern Rally

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    Ray I just found the old post and put the entry...

    Ray I just found the old post and put the entry list / results for the races 1994 Telecom .. you got the Christian name .. Thanks
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    Telecom Classic MOTORFEST Car #11 and the Marcos ..

    My original comment on this post was about the Hawke bodied car beside the Marcos - Race #11 .. Ray mentioned not having the Programme.
    Thanks to Remi Rutkowski now have the programmes for both the...
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    EC4802 the LHD Sprite

    Bringing this post to the fore.

    The Sprite was EC4802 that I owned at one stage the Left Hand Drive ex Canada car AN5L7311 .. Max and Craig Fisher owned it after me in 1980 and it went to Ross...
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    9lives - send Steve a PM or Email "...

    9lives - send Steve a PM or Email " " - He did indicate some were available a few weeks back ..
    Roger D ..
  25. EK4 1931 Vauxhall Tourer ..

    Saw this today at Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, Tauranga .. no photo just noted the Plate

    " Year: 1931
    Make: VAUXHALL
    Model: TOURER
    Colour: Silver
    Submodel: T80
    Body Style: Convertible...
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