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    All done in the best possible taste as "Kenny...

    All done in the best possible taste as "Kenny Everett " would say !!
  2. The Sir Donald Healey International Tribute Race 1998

    Ray saw a bit about it when I googled Austin Healey's at Bathurst ;
    The [ Sir ] Donald Healey International Tribute Race - and yes Peter gets a mention .. Dennis Welch and John Chatham were there...
  3. Hmmm !!

    That has got me thinking Ray Bell, !! But,
    - pretty sure the Race I am thinking of was 1985 as I had it on VHS tape -which I stupidly dumped many years later as we had a DVD player by the mid...
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    Yet another masterpiece Chaindrive!

    Oldfart said recently " Yet another masterpiece Chaindrive! " .

    Am probably going to get into trouble for this but " Today is Chaindrive's Birthday - wont mention the number but I will be that...
  5. DD300 Le Mans 1961 car- became John Chatham's later and VOK490

    Two Works cars both well known .
    Photos from Karsten Stelk archives ;

    DD 300 went to the USA in 1990 for the USA / UK Team Challenge.
    believe it was also in Australia at Bathurst in 1985...
  6. Did I guess No - Google it Yes ..

    And here is one commentary on that Figure ..... a few years old .. no one mentioned car truck bus etc .. or full size tyres or tires .. ??

    " And the World's Largest Tire Manufacturer Is… Drumroll...
  7. Pukekohe 1968 Big Chev and a Vauxhall

    " John Riley in his Chev Impala at the Pukekohe Club Circuit in August 1968. From the Auckland Car Club Bulletin. "
    - Milan Fistonic archives.

    ( note disregard the " Dawson " reference on...
  8. Castrol Achievements Book - 1960 Austin - Healey's competing. plus a story.

    Following on from the Castrol Card series - I remember these books from the 1960's had several years of them, but now gone - where ?? Was only 13 when this one came out - must have pestered my Dad to...
  9. Jim Bennet - more of the Bennett family archives ; from Jim and Warren

    Furi 1 at Hoopers Inlet in 1966 - has a different nose and grille to the earlier photo.


    Another shot of the car in 1966 guise

    Jim Racing at Nelson in 1964 in Cliff's Midget,...
  10. Trevor yes, It is hard to deal with - Ralph would...

    Trevor yes, It is hard to deal with - Ralph would have some fascinating things I am sure - photos etc are easy can be scanned, but other things take space and as we get older we downsize -
    My own...
  11. AH - some random pics..

    No theme - just stuff I have come across recently - a collage /montage ??

    Posted the 100S Castrol series card before -here it is in the set of Paul O'Neill's he has the full 24 cards.

  12. Motoring Books - not quite - Castrol Motorsport Cars Card series

    A card on the Austin Healey 100S was posted on a Fb page " Austin Healey 100S " some time ago by Paul O'Neill - Paul has the whole set of 24 cards which he recently got out and photographed;

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    The Zephyr - for sale !!

    From Graham Edney - Old Motor racing Photographs - Australia Fb page.

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    Great comments Michael.. and yes RIP Wally...

    Great comments Michael.. and yes RIP Wally Willmot, and as mentioned Robin Herd in the UK..both mentioned on the McLaren Heritage Fb page today.
  15. (Ken H ) ..More to come if allowed ?)

    Re ; " (Ken H ) ..More to come if allowed ?) "
    just chuck a couple of cars in one shot and all will be well. after all taking off from a carrier is a bit like drag racing - they have 'chutes too...
  16. Austin Healey 100S AH3802- The Ross Jensen Car

    Ross Jensen took the car to Melbourne in 1956 for the Australian Grand Prix meeting at Albert Park, Melbourne.

    His was one of four 100S and another four 100's were entered in the main Sports Car...
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    Alan H, Thanks for that - have seen other photos...

    Alan H, Thanks for that - have seen other photos of the Houghton Bay events - believe it went back into the 1950's !!
  18. Thanks for the Heads Up Ray - will do and some...

    Thanks for the Heads Up Ray - will do and some details " May = Will " appear on the Austin Healey thread. I have discovered that quite a few AHCC members follow the thread and I get Emails from a...
  19. 150,000 views and growing ..Thanks Guys !!

    Been on the track a few times myself as seen here !!

    Ross " BMC BOY" Cammick photo from 1979.


    Photo my own camera - may have been the same event. Sprints, two cars away at the same...
  20. Jim Bennett - more of the Bennett family archives ;

    The brothers Ivan and Cliff in their Morgans, Fred Losee in AHS3802 the 100S that was with Josh Timms and Fred in the early 1960's.
    [ More on that 100S in the Austin Healey thread


  21. AHS3802 the Fred Losee car another pic

    From Jim Bennett archives - photo show Jim's brothers in their Morgans with Fred in AHS3802
    Dunedin around 1960 - Car has low windscreen but AH 100 Bumpers ..
    Will put it with Jim's stuff on...
  22. Track Changes - from 1964 to 1986.

    Pukekohe 1964.


    Pukekohe in 1967 added the Elbow to railway section creating the 3 circuit configuration " Club " using the loop,the new shorter track and the Original - now the long...
  23. DAC 953 C - AH 3000 Sebring .. some UK photos.

    Joe has just posted some photos of the car when it was in the UK - the NSW Rego is the same as the English Rego Plate number.except for the " C " suffix
    Joe Armour has owned the car since 1976 ..
  24. Fleetwood Mustang, some photo's and things

    A few photos have emerged recently of the Fleetwood Mustang .. so will put a bit of a story together.
    In the meantime a photo.
    Photo by Peter Bruin - from Ross Cammick's archives ..
    Start of the...
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    Ken H, a familiar name " Kevin Lancaster ", He...

    Ken H, a familiar name " Kevin Lancaster ",
    He was / still is a great Mate of BMC BOY - Ross Cammick, and I knew Kevin back in the 1970's - we are back in touch - Greg Lancaster a brother or...
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