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  1. An unusual McLaren Vehicle

    Part Racing Car - Part Workshop Hack " Van ".

    These photos appeared on the Bruce McLaren Tribute Fb group with credit " T Alexander ".

    Presume that would be Tyler Alexander who was with Bruce...
  2. The last of the 100S - AHS3906 Australia and AHS3908 New Zealand.

    The last few 100S AHS3905 to AHS3910 were delivered to various owners in July and August 1955.
    AHS3905 through Larke Hoskins Sydney, 3906, and 3907 went to Australia as did AHS3909, to Austin in...
  3. The Morris Minor group cars at Pahoia

    The Pickup has a Toyota Twin Cam motor, and those Truck pipes are false, has side pipe at the front of the tray.




  4. " Vintage " cars - current photos. the Pahoia Car Show

    Car Show again at a Farm in Pahoia, last held in 2021 then Covid prevented the 2022, and rain stopped the 2023 show.

    About 70 cars, a bit less than in 2021.


    The Plates say it ;

  5. 50th Anniversary Grand Tour of the AH Club March April 2023

    Running rather late - a few photos from the stop-over - Night at The Armitage, Tauranga last year.




  6. Replies

    Pukekohe Programmes.

    ERC, thanks for the link,
    Have a few from the period 1963 to 1966, that I can see will fill some gaps. Rothmans and Dunlop meetings mainly so ACC and NSCC National Meetings at Pukekohe.
  7. Car Show weekend - now Brit-Euro Trentham, Wellington

    Car Show weekend - Brit-Euro Trentham, Wellington.
    A busy time in two of our cities for the Healey people and many other British and European " Marque " owners.

    Photos from Digby Paape the...
  8. Austin Healey 100 - Eight 100/8 MY1008 a bit more

    The Reg Whittaker V8 powered 1954 AH 100.

    " Year: 1954
    Make: AUSTIN
    Model: HEALEY
    Colour: RED
    Body Style: Sports Car
    VIN: 7AT00T07X21133829
    Plate: MY1008
    Engine No: COVERED
  9. 6 cylinder Engines one BMC one Not !!

    Austin Engine in a 100 SIX. Think this is the " 100 SIX MM " that was once White with a Black Mille Miglia Hardtop and owned by Mark Donaldson back in the early 1970's.


    Chrysler Engine in...
  10. Car Show weekend - Ellerslie Concour Auckland Brit-Euro Trentham

    A good group of Austin Healey cars and people at the Ellerslie Concour, and there was the Brit-Euro in Wellington.
    My friend John Vevers posted around 60 photos in one group on the BLENZ Facebook...
  11. VOK490 a bit more

    Had collected other photos of the 100 Six Record Breaker the Left Hand Drive BN4 from 1957/58 that became a Right Hand Drive 3000 in 1960.
    They include the Black and White photo of the Car and...
  12. " Some magnificent photos in this article. " Milan Fistonic

    Picking this up from Milan's post in 2020 #1060.
    Must be two articles in " Supercar Classics " Magazine from 1989. on Austin Healey and the Healey's -
    A " Geoffrey Healey Interview " also features....
  13. Will have a good look, meanwhile " It is Hot,...

    Will have a good look,
    meanwhile " It is Hot, Darned Hot, Hotter than a Snakes A*** in a Wagon Rut " according to Robin Williams - Good Morning Vietnam.
    Well not quite but a few 30 - 31 and even a...
  14. Must send that to him, Milan, brilliant !! ...

    Must send that to him, Milan, brilliant !!

    Have sent Fred a copy - he appreciated it,

  15. Austin Healey 100 Six Registration VOK490 - a record breaker

    The Austin Healey 100 Six Registration VOK490 was a BMC Works car that was taken to Montlhery in France to break long distance records in 1958.

    A bit of the story from Rainer Jordan. and some...
  16. AHCCNZ at Thames - Wings and Wheels. and what is next in the Bay ?

    Car show as part of Wings and Wheels at Thames Airfield last weekend.
    The AH Club had 11 cars there 10 Austin Healey's and a Jensen Healey.

    Photo from John Mitchinson, my neighbour and a former...
  17. Ardmore in the Pukekohe Era. The Classic Motor Races of 1989

    Ardmore Airfield was the site of the New Zealand Grand Prix from 1954 to 1962, when the event moved to Pukekohe.
    Auckland Car Club and Northern Sports Car Club used to run events at Ardmore called "...
  18. AH 3000 The John Rundle BJ8 on Steel Wheels

    Most BJ8's and in fact many of the AH 3000 cars built had Wire Wheels, Steel Wheels were in the minority.

    This car owned by John Rundle of Wellington for 40 years, 1969 -ish to 2009 was a rarity...
  19. Pukekohe the 1965 - 66 Season -more Keith Growden photos

    More from Tony Growden of his late brother, Keith Growden, photos - a mix of cars and events here;

    The Gold Leaf Three Hour Challenge - the biggest and the smallest 600 cc versus 4700 cc

  20. Pukekohe 1965 - 66 Season - the Growden Family archives.

    Tony Growden was recently given a lot of photos from his older brothers archives, by his Sister in Law - the Brother having passed away.

    The date from the 1965 - 66 season and there are later...
  21. Motorman 1963 the McLaren Mini Cooper article

    Reading the detail in the article is this comment;

    " There are a number of suspension modifications, including the removal of a complete leaf from the springing, considerably lowering the rear of...
  22. Replies

    Another Book to grace my Bookshelf !

    Not on the Shelf but in a plastic bag with the Shell Books and others.

    Another gift from the families neighbour in Hillcrest, Auckland.


    A bit of interest in the Jim Richards Marina,...
  23. Mini - Cooper - driven by Bruce McLaren - NZ GP meeting January 1963

    More has come to light on the Bruce McLaren Cooper - as Bruce himself was at Cooper Works at the time, racing in Grand Prix and helped prepare the Mini which was modified - a 998 cc Motor taken out...
  24. But no wire wheels. - Allan !.

    Indeed, the Innocenti is on the steel wheels that the Bugeye and the early MK 2 Sprites had, with the drilled centres. Later wheels were plain - no holes.
    - I remember Chris White bringing his just...
  25. A Spritelier Sprite

    You need Wire Wheels for a Sprite, ask Donald Healey.


    and they agree.


    Otherwise for style go see an italian.
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