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Thread: Hello from Perth

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    Wink Hello from Perth

    Hello everyone, joined the forum as I love the golden oldies. Currently working on getting my 1964 GT Cortina back on the road, so 60's touring cars are my favourite, but I love all of the old school racing.
    I was hoping someone on this forum might know what happened to the Blue & White 2 door '64 GT Cortina that was used by the Geohegan brothers in the 1964 Armstrong 500??
    Any information would be great.

    Great forum with lots of excellent pictures and posts.


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    Hi Lee, welcome to The Roaring Season, its great to have you here. Yes you're not alone in being an enthusiast of the MkI Cortina! Lots of people on here love those cars. I'd also be interested to know what happened to the Geoghegan bros '64 Bathurst car.

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    Hello Steve, thanks for the welcome and all of your informative posts, all very interesting.
    Should I start a new thread with regards to the whereabouts of the Geohegan GT?



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    Yep, definitely start a thread on this Lee, it'll be interesting to see what sort of info comes from it.

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    Whereabouts in Perth are you? I'm living outside Toodyay.

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