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Thread: 1950s Road Racing Hot Rods

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkQ View Post
    Built in 1949 by Willis Baldwin of California, It competed from 1949 to 1959 and was cover car of Road & Track in May 1950. Built on a 1946 Ford chassis and used "Hopped up" Ford Flathead running gear.
    Restored in 1990 by Irv Dickson for the late owner Jim Herlinger who bought this car out to NZ to race back in 2000, 06 and '07, Jim had the Baldwin restored by Auto Restorations in Christchurch while it was here in '06.
    I was lucky enough to be asked by Jim to drive it for the 2007 Monterey Historics. Neat old car that was a blast to drive. it is now owned by Rob Manson also of California who also owns the Manning Ford V8 Special. Which is the car with the yellow nose in pit lane.
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    This is a superb car Mark. What was it like to drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bry3500 View Post
    I love this car. It was built to compete in the Carrera Panamericana, a true hot rod road racer. It cost nickels and dimes to build, everything was second hand, including the '51 Oldsmobile Rocket motor. The transmission was Cadillac, I assume a rare Lasalle manual trans, which when originally released by Cadillac, was only available on cheaper models, as Cadillac owners didn't expect to have to change gear manually. Lasalle transmissions are now highly desirable among the hot rodding community. Caballo De Hierro (Horse Of Iron) entered and completed the Mexican race in 1953 and '54. In the '54 event it averaged 94mph! Pretty impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Read View Post
    I am going to start a thread on The NZGP Specials Team of which I am a member.
    Here is a taste of the profiles we are producing as handouts. Chris Read - Arrowtown.
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    Looking forward to that Chris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David McKinney View Post
    I don't know
    But I believe Gary Kennard, a Ruapuna regular with a 1500 A30 in the late '60s, was Arthur's son. Timing is almost right for Rob to have been the next generation
    Gary is Arthurs nephew, no relation to Rob I believe. Gary has been racing an XU1 at classic events mainly at Ruapuna recently.

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    The ex Arthur Kennard Healey Corvette was at Highlands Park over the weekend, now in plain black and looking extremely nice having been recently restored. It is about to have it's twin 4 barrel carbs refitted. A wonderful old car.

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