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Thread: Photos: The Graham Ruckert Collection: Part 1

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    Photos: The Graham Ruckert Collection: Part 1

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    I am really pleased to announce the addition of the superb Graham Ruckert Collection of historic Australian motor racing photos to The Roaring Season. Graham is a Queensland born and bred racing enthusiast, who photographed events at his local tracks from the late 1960s, through the mid-1970s. You may recognise some of his work, he has had photos published in various Australian publications, including Racing Car News and Auto Action.

    Graham takes up the story: "My coverage of events is a bit patchy, as over the years your situation changes and you move on to other things, so the bulk of it covers racing, hillclimbs and rallies from 1969 to 1976; then a big gap until I got the urge again around 1998 through to 2005 (mainly historic events). In the early days I sold a lot of photos as I was the only photographer up here covering rallies; circuit racing was not as lucrative however (and there was more opposition). In the later days the only income I received was from the various publications I wrote for".

    What I love about Graham's images, other than the fact they're visually stunning, is that he covers many of the small-time amateur racers, and not just the nationally famous super stars. So you'll see some fantastic racing machines in this collection, huge variety, and some real oddities; essentially, an amazing mix of professional and grass-roots.

    Enjoy the ride.

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    Be sure to visit Graham's Facebook page, to view more of his images:

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    Where to start? How about with the Centaur Waggott, formerly raced by John French to the Australian GT Championship. Here is the car in much later guise, pictured in 1971, driven by Bevan Batham.

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    A battle of the giants. Allan Moffat and Bob Jane fight over the lead of Round 6 of the 1971 Australian Touring Car Championship. Moffat won this battle, but Jane won the war.

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    Something a bit different! This is Lloyd Robertson's Holden Precision Driving Team getting in some practice at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds in 1972. I wonder what became of these HQ Monaro coupes? Note the light damage to the nose of the purple one.

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    Leo Geoghegan in the Charger battles two of the local heroes, in John French in the Bryan Byrt GT-HO Phase III, and Dick Johnson in the Zupps Torana.

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    What a superb little car! This is Kerry Horgan in his MkI Sprite.

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    Curiousness! Jeff Amos in his high-wing Mini in 1969. That wing looks quite precarious! I wonder if it provided any benefits? I wonder if it fell off? Its essentially held on with two thin poles. But certainly quite creative.

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    Pete Geoghegan battles his Super Falcon unsuccessfully in practice for the ATCC Lakeside race in 1971. He elected to drive his Mustang in the race, finishing 2nd to Allan Moffat, while John French was drafted in to race the Super Falcon. He brought the difficult machine home in 5th.

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    Post #3, it must be effective, look how far it has pushed the roof down

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    Humpy Holdens were still a popular and cheap way to go motor racing, well into the 1970s. This is Barry Havill in his much-modified example, swinging the tail out at Lakeside in 1973.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldfart View Post
    Post #3, it must be effective, look how far it has pushed the roof down
    Ha ha ha, yes, good point!

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    Frank Matich in his A50 at Surfers Paradise in 1972. Note the additional lower rear wing. I wonder what sort of effect this had? In a way, its a sort of diffuser.

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    Super rare photo here of Allan Moffat driving his Allan Mann Escort. Moffat hardly ever raced this car, preferring to concentrate on the Mustang for the all important ATCC events, while the Escort was usually just brought out for the odd Sports Sedan race. This photo is from 1971.

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    I love this shot! Graham Hodges gives it heaps in his Anglia at Lakeside 1971.

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    Is anyone able to ID these two GT-HO drivers?

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    Another interesting special, John Campbell in the Centaur Clubman MkIII. Note the headlight in the top of the front mudguards.

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    Superb shot this one, Brian Foley gets the inside wheel waaaaayyyy up in the air in the Alfa at Lakeside in 1971.

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    The no 24 car is the Grecian Gold Roy Griffiths GT-HO Ph 1 and I am guessing the HO behind is a Brambles Red car but not one of the factory race cars,don,t who the driver is-Ellis and Stephen come in please! The Pacer is possibly the Tony Paul car. Tony had a road re-surfacing business called Queensland Roads and Pavements (QRP) and Roy was one of his employees. The HO was Roys daily driver and weekend racer and he ran the car in the 1969 HF500.

    Regards Pete.

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    Great effort Pete, many thanks.

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