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Thread: Historic Sport Sedans

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    Jen in the RX7 V8 now run by Jon Telford.
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    Here are the results for all Historic Sports Sedan races at MG Manfeild-

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    i went to a meeting at manfield in 1988 with Dave Jurie and we looked at a 315 consul there to see if it was the one that he raced. he decided it probably was not his old car. I wonder what happened to it.

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    Tony G- great to hear from you again, thanks for the neat pix showing the Commodore as a VK then VL
    928 -what was the history of Dave Juries 315, and what was it running.

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    I cannot remember, I think he said started out with a 1340, but not sure. car had a big wing on the back similar to the car in post#911.
    I think it was a 4 door but don't know for certain

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    This from Jen-
    I bought the car fro Keith weir of Marton in 1984. It ran a 202 Holden with triple dellorto carbs and a four speed Vauxhall victor box. I sold it to phil Rudd (the drummer from ACDC ) in 1986 to purchase the bare space frame chassis with the vk commodore shell attached from Brett Willis

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    So when did the Commodore go from being right hand drive to left hand drive?

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    I got that info at home Steve, will post photos and show this afo,
    it was when the boys came back from USA with the left over bits from the Trans Am Camaro, that's another story.

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    Steve- note Jens comment....bare space frame chassis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Grimwood View Post
    I got that info at home Steve, will post photos and show this afo,
    it was when the boys came back from USA with the left over bits from the Trans Am Camaro, that's another story.
    Thanks Rod. Good to know.

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    The main reason for the trip to the USA in 1987 was to get some better parts for the Commodore as they were sick of breaking bits. Well when they did get 'the parts' they came in the form of a deal which i mentioned in other write up (which i will get to other part of trip shortly)
    The car in 1984 won the trans Am series with David Hobbs driving it and later by Billy T Ribbs. It was car 28 of a 2 car team owned by Portland Industrialist De Atley and sponsored by Budweiser.
    This Camaro Trans Am was based around a Stock Car Products road race chassis from Santa Fe Springs in Calif.
    Had coil over suspension all round, 3 link quick change rear end, non-power assist rack and pins steering, front rear anti-roll bars and a Watt linkage that attached around the differential pinion snout.
    When they had finsihed racing they stripped it to a bare frame and bought all back for Commodore.
    All the suspension, running gear, brakes, wheels, seats, Gauges, left hand drive column, pedal box etc etc.

    When we went to Laguna Seca couple year back the guys who Brett raced back then were there and when Brett and Ralph looked at the cars in the classic Trans Am it was all the cars and guys they raced against.
    Ralph said that it was not until they had chopped the car up and bought all the parts back that they really found out its history and would have thought twice if they had known. "It was 3 year old championship winning car and those crazy kiwis chopped it up for parts" was what the Yanks said.
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    As you can see there was alot of re-frabrication work for Lindsay to do get it all together.

    Alot of the parts ended up in the Mazda and then Ralphs RX.

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    Commodore dash top and Camaro dash bottom, the same unit.
    Note the 2 switchs on the left.
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    Looking to the 2 January meetings-
    I will be sending the regs to drivers I have on my lists, if any else want to enter please contact me..
    Most important-
    Tasman Revival- 1st weekend-entries will be cut off week before.

    Festival , 2nd weekend- cut off is DECEMBER 16.

    Got that......week before Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Entry is $395 up to 16 December, after that a late fee makes it $441.
    One competitor free pass per entry.
    Extra up to 3 tickets are discounted.
    And entries for second weekend must be pre-paid ,not on the day.
    So if you want to run on the BIG track for $395 get your entry in 16 December- week before Xmas.
    Check classes at-http:
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    People seem to be having problems getting entries in for the 2 January meetings.
    , I have had 4 inquires saying they cant find Historic Sports Sedans Class on the regs.
    Our class is incorrectly not shown on the list
    We are running both weekends and to get details for entry please go to

    This is the Motorsport entry page and shows what classes are racing and how to enter.
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    For the entries to the Ken Smith Festival- 20th January- second weekend of the HD racing.
    Cut off date for $395 is 16th- Friday.
    After that date , entries will be more-

    The entry closing date at normal fees is Friday 16th December 2016 at 5.00pm.
    Entries received after the normal fee closing date may be subject to late fee of $40.00 including GST.
    NZFMR may accept entries beyond the stated closing date should special circumstances prevail

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    Baypark 1986

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigel watts View Post
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    I remember that Peter Meadows Corvette. It was a monster. I wonder what happened to it?

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    Think i remember -Someone ( Dale? ) mentioned, on a very early thread, it was seen scrapped and abandoned at Pidgeon Mountain Motors long ago.
    "He grabbed some parts off it" ...comes to mind.
    Does this sound familiar?

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