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Thread: Motoring Books - including your bookshelf.

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    Gosh this is showing my age! - 'Motor Sport' Racing Car Review by Denis Jenkinson 1958 purchased from Technical Books 27 Victoria St. W. Auckland on 2/9/59 reduced from 12/3d to 4/6d. Placed in prominent position and often looked at!

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    A few Titles - from my collection ..

    Have mainly New Zealand Stuff, and several Austin Healey books plus a few from the USA on Sports Car Racing in the 1950's / 1980's ..
    Have also recovered on behalf of Seaqnmac Volumes 1 to 22 of " Classic and Sports Car " magazine - his Uncle Gordon was a mechanic and spannerman fro Barry Vuyk and others when competing. Gordon is shifting and had to empty his Garage of them I also got a box of 1973 and 1977 newspaper style magazine called " Motoring News " a UK publication which I am going to go through them when I next visit Auckland
    [ currently in storage in Auckland all seven banana size boxes - a lot of magazine - my Cousin will not be impressed as in his Mums house which he looks after - she is 99 and in a Rest Home - Una Dowding is the Wife of the Late " Eddie Dowding " [ 1919 - 2018 of NSCC fame ].

    Back to the topic - some books /booklets - some have been published elsewhere on TRS but this seems the right place.

    Not for Sale - The Sports Car Talk were given to me, as were some of the others -
    [ just don't tell " Her Indoors " who is Outdoors at the moment with a friend walking.]

    SCT 1984
    Name:  Magazine Sports Car Talk #1 1984 front CCI08112016 (451x640).jpg
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    SCT 1986
    Name:  Magazine Sports Car Talk #3 1986 front  CCI08112016_0002 (451x640).jpg
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    Steve Holmes currently has this for his new book - details of the Lycomings History

    SCT 1989
    Name:  Magazine Sports Car Talk #5 1989 front CCI08112016_0004 (451x640).jpg
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    The Ginetta of the front cover ex Tony Herbert is now with Remi Rutkowski in France

    A Book on Dunedin by Scott Thomson - copy from Spgeti, Bruce thanks again.
    Front cover
    Name:  Dunedin Street Races book, front cover published  1983 #3, (562x800).jpg
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    The back with Map of the circuit
    Name:  Dunedin Street Races Book pub. 1983 back cover  Scott Thomson. #2, (563x800).jpg
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    More to come on this not so nice afternoon - almost Beer O'clock and home alone At The Moment 4;25 pm NZDST..

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    Omokoroa Beach Bay of Plenty NZ

    More Titles - from 1963 to 1983

    The famous Book which our own the late David Mckinney did a lot of the work on
    Name:  Motor Racing NZ Rothmans Book 1963. #2. CCI28072015 (2) (457x640).jpg
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    Some others this from 1983
    Name:  Motor racing 30 years NZ Grand Prix '54-'83 CCI19072015 (564x800).jpg
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    and further back in time 1966
    The reversed photo a Left Hand Drive Zephyr Corvette !!
    Name:  Motorsport NZ '66 yearbookCCI19072015 (352x500).jpg
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    Name:  Motor Racing NZ '67 yearbook CCI19072015 (352x500).jpg
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    Name:  Motorsport NZ '67 year book CCI19072015 (352x500).jpg
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    and finally 1973
    Name:  Motorracing NZ '73 competition yearbook CCI19072015 (564x800).jpg
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    Have the " Waimate 50 " a present from Spgeti, again "Thanks Bruce " - apparently it came with two different coloured covers according to Milan Fistonic who has a different version. Must dig it out and scan the cover again as cabbot find any images of it.

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    Graham Vercoe also published these two 24-page booklets on the 1949 and 1950 seasons of NZ Motor Sport.

    Name:  img135 (2).jpg
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    Name:  img136 (2).jpg
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