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Thread: Looking for old photos

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    Looking for old photos

    Hi racers,

    My name is Paul East son of John East, Very sad news my dad is terminally ill with a few days left to grace this earth. Dad was good freinds with John Riley and Red Dawson taking under there wing in early pukohoe days, in his racing years also Harry Hilditch was another name mentioned. He also remembers Garry Pederson and other great names. I know John and Red haved passed away, I am wondering if anybody else out there remembers him and has stories to be told or photos would be greatly apreciated.
    Regards Paul

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    Hi there Paul, welcome to the site. Great to have you on board. I'm very sorry to hear about your father. My suggestion would be to post a new thread on the main General Discussion forum for your request, as a lot more people will read it. Use your fathers name in the thread title, and hopefully you'll get some good results. Good luck!

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