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Thread: SPR Models - 2014 McLaren releases from Spark

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    SPR Models - 2014 McLaren releases from Spark

    The first 1:43rd and 1:18th McLarens released by Spark (the M1A Oldsmobile, M2B's, M6GT, M7A's and M29's) were beautifully detailed models, and sold out fast. Spark have now confirmed that they will produce the following McLaren models during 2014...

    1:43rd Spark Releases 2014 - McLaren

    Indy 500
    S2978 McLaren M16B #66 Indy 500 1972 (Mark Donohue - Winner)
    Le Mans
    S3114 McLaren M6B #90 Le Mans 1981
    S1102 McLaren #4 Can-Am 1966 (Bruce McLaren)
    S1103 McLaren #5 Nassau 1964 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3050 McLaren M12 Chevrolet #11 Road America Can-Am 1969 (Lothar Motschenbacher)
    Formula One
    S3096 McLaren M7A #1 Canadian Grand Prix 1968 (Denny Hulme - Winner)
    S3097 McLaren M7A #14 US Grand Prix 1968 (Dan Gurney - 4th)
    S3108 McLaren M7A #5 Winner Belgium Grand Prix 1968 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3109 McLaren M7A #5 Italian Grand Prix 1968 (Denny Hulme - Winner)
    S3116 McLaren M7A #2 Spanish Grand Prix 1968 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3117 McLaren M7A #18 South African Grand Prix 1969 (Basil van Rooyen)
    S3118 McLaren M7A #5 Spanish Grand Prix 1969 (Denny Hulme - 4th)
    S3119 McLaren M7A #7 Dutch Grand Prix 1969 (Denny Hulme 4th)
    S3120 McLaren M7A #5 Mexican Grand Prix 1969 (Denny Hulme - Winner)
    S3121 McLaren M2B #17 Mexican Grand Prix 1966 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3122 McLaren M5A BRM #19 Canadian Grand Prix 1967 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3123 McLaren M5A BRM #1 South African Grand Prix 1968 (Denny Hulme)
    S3124 McLaren M5A BRM #3 Italian Grand Prix 1968 (Jo Bonnier - 6th)
    S3125 McLaren M7B #6 South African Grand Prix 1969 (Bruce McLaren - 5th)
    S3126 McLaren M7B #18 Dutch Grand Prix 1969 (Vic Elford)
    S3127 McLaren M7B #10 French GP 1969 (Vic Elford - 5th)
    S3132 McLaren M7C #5 French GP 1969 (Bruce McLaren - 4th)
    S3133 McLaren M7C #5 German GP 1969 (Bruce McLaren 3rd)
    S3134 McLaren M7C #16 Dutch Grand Prix 1970 (John Surtees - 6th)
    S3135 McLaren M7C #27 US GP 1970 (Jo Bonnier)
    S3137 McLaren M4B BRM #11 Race of Champions 1967 (Bruce McLaren)
    S3138 McLaren M4B BRM #16 Monaco Grand Prix 1967 (Bruce McLaren - 4th)

    Please let me know if you wish to pre-order any of these models.

    John Bennoch
    SPR Models
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