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Thread: Article: Photographing Elgin Park

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    Article: Photographing Elgin Park

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    Michael Paul Smith is an artist and photographer who has dedicated much of his spare time to photographing his local small town. Some of you may recognise the very attractive Elgin Park, as its been featured elsewhere. For those who don't, take a closer look.

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    Figured it out yet? Yep, Elgin Park, as pictured here, doesn't actually exist. Michael Paul Smith created this town, using models he'd constructed himself, along with 1/24 scale Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint model cars. The backdrops, in most cases, are real.

    He creates a set, using the cars, the models, then props it on a table, and integrates the real backdrop from his town to bring the whole scene to life. The scenes are all created to mimick those of a typical small American town, from the 1920s through 1960s, just like that he himself grew up in.

    Its simply stunning!

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    That's incredible.

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    I adore the green Tucker in #4.
    Never see many in the flesh which is why this thread caught my eye.

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    Pretty trick photography. Reminds me of a guy who has featured on here who got Broadlands Finance for $180,000.00 back in the late `70s, early `80s, by using a very detailed Kenworth truck model as security for a loan.......

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