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Thread: Minis and Imps

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Roger...see #155 for my DeJoux in 1975 as a comparison Sold it for $2500 to get a brand new house in Pakuranga-no. not Nappy Valley- for $25,000-no garage, no driveway , no letterbox,Mr Stripes carpet for $5 per metre from Joes Bargain House in Ponsonby- you would remember that place.
    Would be great to see you and Donn again.
    Still have the pix of the Packard to show you as discussed 6 (? ) years ago
    John and Bruce, yes knew Joe Adams quite well, he was a customer of ANZ bank in the 1970's 80's and i worked there 1978 -80, was known as the "unofficial Mayor of Ponsonby " a real character and a generous bloke !!
    John the Packard photo - was on Bribie when you mentioned that .. we must try to gather .. us TRS guys

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    Alan Boyle the Mini Peddlar Violet and Tomato

    I took a photo of Alans Mini " Violet " race # 51 back in 1967 or 68 at Pukekohe GP meeting.

    Alan posted a couple of photos of his cars which I thought I would share - with a few details from Alan - who featured in an article in Classic Driver by Allan Dick a couple of years ago.

    My photo ;

    Name:  Mini Race # 88 Alan Boyle in Violet 970 S Puke '68 R Dowding  .jpg
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    Alan was a signwriter graphic designer who worked for "Coca Cola " the sponsors of his Mini later on and his Viva - some of those products beside the car

    Alans colour photo of Violet - looks like Pukekohe
    Alans notes on Violet : " genuine 1964 Morris Cooper S 970 cc .. painted with many coats of translucent metallic Violet coloured lacquer.. ‘the violent Violet’ "

    Name:  Mini Race # 87 Alan Boyle in Violet 970 S A Boyle .jpg
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    Tomato his other racing Mini ;

    Name:  Mini Race # 89 Alan Boyle Tomato 850 with 997 engine A Boyle .jpg
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    Notes on Tomato ; " ‘Tomato’ was the first mini, a standard 850 early model.. into which we grafted a 997 short block assembly, I worked on the head porting and valves, twin SUs, manifolds, cam, suspension etc etc
    It was a very smart car with its custom upholstery trim and mahogany Dashboard and Chromium plated reverse rim S steel wheels..
    it acquitted its self in many events Hillclimbs, Circuit racing, Club events, often beating Cooper and S models ".
    Alan got FTD at the NSCC's first Hill Climb at Cosseys Farm in February / March 1967.
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    1965 Morris Cooper S - a 1275 car in White with Black Roof.

    The Alan Boyle Mini " Violet " at Pukekohe - in the photo is another Mini Race number 4 Registration CZ9567 - which is still around under that Registration; a 1965 1275 Cooper S.
    " Year: 1965
    Make: MORRIS
    Model: COOPERS
    Colour: White
    Second Colour: Black
    Body Style: Saloon
    Plate: CZ9567
    Engine No: 36501
    Chassis: F659435 "
    " Plates History

    Plate Effective Date
    CZ9567 26-Mar-2014
    PT8422 22-Mar-1991
    HIFI 17-Apr-1989
    NZ6728 11-Nov-1988

    Registration Status:
    Plate: CZ9567
    Plate Type: Special Issue
    Origin: NZ New
    Used as: Private Passenger vehicle
    Cause of Latest Registration: New
    NZ First Registration: 21-Jun-1965
    NZ Last Registration:
    Was Registered Overseas? No"

    Would seem that the car has gone back to it's original plates

    Wonder if it is the Hugh Kettelwell 1275 which was one of the first in NZ. now to find some other photos and info.

    Name:  Mini Race # 88 Alan Boyle in Violet 970 S Puke '68 R Dowding  .jpg
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    CY4440 " Violet " and BL 60 " Tomato " Registrations are no longer listed - would that that BL 60 Plate would be a Personalised plate for some BMC / BL owner.

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    Mini's and Imps Racing - not this one..

    Canadian version of the Mini introduced there in 1974 and later had even more " Safety " features fitted, not quite the USA rules.
    This from "British Leyland Chronicles " recently - there was an article and this and other photos..
    seen in comparison with the UK 1976 Mini 1000.

    Name:  Cars by Roger Dowding #54 Canadian Mini and British Mini 1976 resize  (800x457).jpg
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    Link to the article ;

    " "

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    Rough shell of a racing Imp for sale on Trademe. Wonder if it has any interesting history?

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    The only Imps I know of in white/blue were Murray Hart's, but I suspect that his may have gone to Japan. He has moved away from just around the corner, so I can't verify it.

    There was another blue and white car racing at Hampton Downs two years ago but that seemed in perfect condition.

    Name:  217_0114_319.JPG
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    The Rush Imp is now down south with Tony Mann in his Imp collection.

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    Mini's Chamberlain Road Hill Climb 1970

    An Auckland Car Club event - their Hill for many years ; some photos by Graeme Lindsay which I " borrowed ".

    First the Support Ute from Dominion Motors - where Ron Brown worked for many years - he is in the photo as is Lynton Ryan Alan Boyle and Rons Mechanic back in the day !

    Name:  Cars #383 Morris 1800 Ute Dom Motors ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    Some known and unkown or lesser known drivers here !!.

    Peter Batten Morris Cooper S
    Name:  Cars #384 Morris Cooper S Peter Batten ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    Name:  Cars #385 Morris Cooper S ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    John Crombie in his Cooper 998
    Name:  Cars #386 Morris Cooper 998 John Crombie ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    A Morris Mini-minor
    Name:  Cars #387 Morris Mini ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    My Mate Barry Moon - before I met him [ that was around 1980 ] - in an Austin Mini.
    Name:  Cars #391 Austin Mini Barry Moon ACC Hill Climb 1970 Graeme Lindsay .jpg
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    The set of photos of the event had Fords, Anglia, Escorts and Cortinas, Glen Jones in his Chev Coupe a Torana, a Humber 80 or two and some Specials - have a look at " Old New Zealand Motor Racing " Fb page for Graeme's photos.

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    Morris 850 with twin SU's -SCW Road Test October 1961

    Sports Car World - the Australian Motoring Magazine - a Road Test of a slightly modified Mini 850 in the October 1961 Issue
    Car was good for 79 - 80 miles per hour.
    Name:  Motoring Books #483 SCW 10-61 P1 Morris 850 test CCI13042020_0001 (541x780).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #482 SCW 10-61 Heading Page Morris 850 test CCI13042020_0002 (640x567).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #455 SCW 10-61 Page 3 Cover Morris 850 test CCI13042020_0004 (2) (447x640).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #486 SCW 10-61 Page 4 Cover Morris 850 test Specs CCI13042020_0005 (546x800).jpg
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    The car in Standard form was available at Pounds 630 - plus Sales Tax at the time.

    Name:  Motoring Books #487 SCW 10-61 Advert Morris 850  CCI13042020_0006 (2) (452x640).jpg
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    Fitted Twin SU's a freeflow manifold and straight through Exhaust - pipe out the middle -not kinked to the left, mods done by Rob Williams of Allard Ford V8 coupe and Formula Junior fame
    - as well as Wide " Jolly Wide " wheels to the front of my Austin Seven 850 Mini a 1960 model in 1967.
    Don;t think it had this performance - just used more Petrol !

    Name:  My cars #10 First Mini wide wheels and twin carbs 31 Aug 68 CCI05022016_0002 (800x547).jpg
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    To come a Test of a Highly Modified Mini 850 from the era that had a top speed of 105 miles per hour in old money !.

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    Paritutu 1965 - 1966 some Mini's well three

    Alan Boyle #6, Ron Brown #73, John Fahey a bent #42

    Paritutu Circuit, New Plymouth, Taranaki - a tight small course.
    John Fahey hit the drums seen behind Alan in Tomato - first photo

    Alan 1965 The Mini a twin carb 850 ..
    Name:  Mini Race #81 1965 Paritutu Alan Boyle 850 Tomato #6 Alan Boyle.jpg
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Size:  86.5 KB

    John Fahey - after. 1965
    Name:  Motor Racing Paritutu #17 1965 John Fahey hit barrels Alan Boyle archives .jpg
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    1965 - the entry list - Graham Woods archives
    Name:  Motor Racing Paritutu #14 1965 Entry list Race Small Saloons Oct 25 1965 G Woods.jpg
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    Alan again 1966 #28 now running a 997 Cooperised motor in the Mini
    Name:  Motor Racing Paritutu #15 Paritutu 1966 Mini Alan Boyle  A Boyle archives .jpg
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    Evweld racing Team - Alan Boyle and Ron Brown - think Ron was in the 1000 and over class
    Name:  Mini Race #80 Paritutu 1965 Lycoming Ron Brown #73 A Boyle #6 (640x508) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Mini Race #83 1965 Paritutu Evweld team with Ron Brown Alan Boyle .jpg
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    The Donn White " Bathurst Clubman GT " a 1973 Australian built Car.

    a bit of a story - from Donn White who still has the car, but it did have a break in his ownership - as seen in the quote ;

    " I renewed my NZ motor racing and rally licences yesterday and going thru the log books I noticed that it's 30 years ago exactly today that I started racing the Mini Clubman GT (for the second time). I repurchased the car in a very shabby state back in July 1990. 21 months later the car - with much help from Roger Payne who rebuilt a great engine and gearbox was race ready - more or less! A couple of weeks earlier I had entered to race in the BMC Classic Car Series heats at Taupo held at a National race meeting there on 05 April 1992 - but it was a close thing. The morning of the official practise day still saw me in Tauranga fitting bits and pieces and modifying things to work properly at the last minute. I then ran the car in on the road going to Taupo and after quickly performing an oil and filter change in the pits I just made it by a few moments to compete in the final qualifying session. The car immediately showed potential and I remember instantly being very happy with it - the only problem was brake fade as the correct competition brake pads were temporarily unavailable. Things became rather a handful after 10 or so laps! Anyway the strategy was to change the pads before each heat and I managed to win the Category One or Production Class first time out. A couple of weeks later there was a repeat performance at the Baypark Raceways Easter National meeting and the rest is history. Even when performing challenging jobs on this little car at 2.00am in the morning on race day - I've not had Buyer's Remorse. I've had a ton of fun and met some great people along the way (sadly some of them are no longer with us) but here's to a few more years of enjoyment!😄

    " GM4679 ".

    A few photos.

    Name:  Mini #082 Donn White Bathurst Clubman 1973 before resto arch Donn White .jpg
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    before restoration - a small image ;

    after restoration - a bigger image ;
    Name:  Mini #083 Donn White Bathurst Clubman 1973 after resto John Konbrekke arch Donn White .jpg
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Size:  130.7 KB

    Photo from the Baypark Meeting - 30 years ago, with as Donn noted
    " 30 years ago taken at Baypark Raceways.
    - Shown here leading the Late Tony Sturm -MGB Roadster and the Late Jim Chrystall - Wolseley 1500. There's also another driver tucked in behind me but I can't make out who it is. "

    The photo;
    Name:  Mini #083 Donn White Baypark 30 years ago -2022 - Tony Sturm MGB Q Wolseley 1500 Donn White  (80.jpg
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Size:  123.1 KB

    Another photo of the Car - Holland Road Sprints - Hamilton Car Club in 1973 - car was New .. Richard Armstrong photo.
    Name:  Greerton #36 Donn White Mini 1973 qtr mile Holland Rd sprints Richard Armstrong.jpg
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