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Thread: Motorsport History In Minature

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    Motorsport History In Minature

    This fabulous scale model of Chris Amon's Maserati 250F was built by enthusiast Tony Lucas. Its one of several scale models he has built replicating famous New Zealand race cars of the past.

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    They are very cool. Scale?

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    All 1/24 scale

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    Really great looking models. Any more in the pipeline ?

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    Lancia D50

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    Name:  0082_zps65121885.jpg
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    Alfa 159

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    Name:  0052_zps5a9bf747.jpg
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    Maserati 4CLT

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    WOW! What are they made from? More details please

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaindrive View Post
    Name:  0082_zps65121885.jpg
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    Alfa 159
    This is outstanding Tony!

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    Another pic of the Amon Maser. Tony says this model started out as an old Strombecker kit from the '60s which he then modified.

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    Stanton Corvette. Featuring completely scratch built body made from plastic sheet. Nascar wheels modified. Chain drive from toy bicycle from Kmart. Note the wheel braces! Awesome.

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    Awesome models Tony. Am I allowed to show my efforts?

    A few years ago after Anne Thomson ran her Darracq up Te Onepu Hill I was inspired to convert this:

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    Into this:

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    Brilliant.........Great to see these conversions into something we know. !

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    Possibly a slight kiwi Connection.Name:  011_zpsc6b56c33.jpg
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    Love the eleven, especially as a replica is slowly going together in my shed. Are these available to buy?

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    Oldfart........... This is an old Merit kit of the early 60s. you can pick one up on Evilbay......At a price!

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    not in the same league but cool nevertheless
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    Love the NZ tribute cars !

    I have no models anymore, but I bought these as a pair a few years back and they live in wait at a friend's place in Melbourne for some fun when passing through town. Don't even start on Jimmy's black helmet...

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