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Thread: Rare MOTORMAN, AUTO NEWS, WIDE WHEELS magazine for sale

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    Rare MOTORMAN, AUTO NEWS, WIDE WHEELS magazine for sale

    I'm in the process of selling off my collection, I have currently on offer the following issues.

    1965 Feb, Apr, Oct
    1966 Sept, Nov, Dec
    1967 Jan, Mar 2x, Jun, July, Oct
    1968 All issues except August
    1969 All issues available (Jan edition has a split down the edge, Nov has no cover and Dec has a portion of the cover missing.
    1970 All issues available (Jan has no cover, Feb the cover is a bit rough, Aug the cover is ripped but complete
    1971 All issues available in good condition
    1972 All issues available in good condition (2x issues of Dec available)
    1973 All issues available in good condition
    1974 Jan to June, Sept
    1975 Dec
    1976 Jan, Mar

    Early News Paper copies from 1968 to early 1969 (9x copies, these are very rare and priced at $20 each issue)
    NZ Motorsport newspapers 1970-1971 (complete set of 12x, also very rare and priced at $20 per issue)
    Autonew from Mar 1969 to July 1970 in two nicely bound volumes, excellent condition $200 for the two vols.
    Autonews loose copies from July 1970 to Sept 1974, a good collection available with only a few gaps here and there.

    1970 Dec (no cover)
    1971 May, June, July, Aug, Sept 2x, Nov, Dec (cover a bit rough)
    1972 Jan, Feb, Mar, April, Driver Aug

    I'm charging $15 an issue for pristine copies, $10 for good condition and $5 each for damaged copies, plus postage. However for single copy purchases I have added an extra $10 charge along with the item cost and postage to make it viable.

    My contact e-mail address is and I will reply to any queries via that or this thread. I will also be listing more items before long.

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    Good luck Gerard, hope they go to a good home. I gave away Motorman magazines 1965 to about 1984 back in 2008 to Allan Dick at Straight Eight publishing, then in Mt Eden. He was the Editor of Classic Driver at the time, they will provide many answers to questions that appear in the Roaring Season. would love to get them but cost and freight [ across the ditch to Queensland ] would be more than the bookkeeper would allow this pensioner, should have kept mine..

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