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Thread: Northern Sports Car Club - the early years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milan Fistonic View Post
    NO Roger. it's not from NSCC's Club Torque. It's from the December 1966 Auckland Car Club Bulletin.

    The Pukekohe Club Circuit was opened in 1966. NSCC held a meeting on October 22 and the Auckland Car Club's first use of the track was on November 12. The results and some photos from that day.

    Sorry I didn't make it clear in my original post that it was the ACC meeting in November.
    Milan, Thanks I picked that up from your post on Old New Zealand Motor Racing and have corrected - thanks always for your interesting Motorsport History information -

    Roger D.
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    This is the Motorman report of the first meeting held on the Club Circuit. It was run by the NSCC on October 22, 1966.

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    This is from the ACC Bulletin of July 1966 and shows that the NSCC financed the construction of the new stretch track to establish the Club Circuit. It must have been completed in good time as that first meeting was held a week before the suggested date of October 29.

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    A bit more information about Midget No 75 in Post 216.

    This is from the first issue of a magazine called NZ No 1 in Speedway and dates from 1981.

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    Milan - Thanks, must pass that information on !!

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    NSCC Club Circuit meeting 1st September 1968 - details by IKE

    Posted recently on the Ken H thread " Old Programmes, movies and memories from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. " by IKE.
    The comment is about some photos of mine from that event with details of cars and drivers - plus other information.
    Here is the comments and the photos added-

    " This is in reply to the post on ...PAGE 17 .... 30.08.2015 by Roger Dowding & 31.08.2015 By Milan Fistonic

    The Meeting is from 1968
    Pukekohe Club Circuit .....Sept 1st 1968 Northern Sports Car Club

    Photo # 1 (top working down)
    My old album, has part of a program listing
    #61 as Brian Pellow--- Brabham
    #4 is Graeme Morley----ex McRae U2
    # ? Could be M Mc Donald ----Mini Minus Special or R Duirs MER
    # 3 is Rob Allen .Spencer Allen Motors- Manurewa / Begg & Allen Manuewa ---- Almen Formula Vee
    # 6 is Ivan Berry, No Number on the nose --- Ike Formula Vee

    Photo #1,
    Name:  NSCC Pukekohe Club circuit meeting 67-68  #3, single seater dummy grid   CCI30082015 (3) (800x55.jpg
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    Photo # 2
    # 6 is Ivan Berry's Ike Vee ----This Vee was the 2nd in the country after Barry Munro. The Ike Vee was built in Australia in 1966
    by the owner Ivan Berry. The car was a copy of an Elfin space frame chassis, The body was an a altered Elfin body also built by the owner. The car was raced in Victoria at various tracks before
    being shipped to N.Z. mid 1967.
    # 3 is Rob Alens Almen Vee.

    Photo #2 - with myself kneeling behind the first car and my Mates standing beside Rog Allport and Ron Lucka.
    Name:  NSCC Pukekohe Club Circuit meeting 67-68 #4 single seaters dummy grid 2. CCI30082015 (3) (1).jpg
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    Photo # 4 answer by Milan Fistonic
    The photo of the advertisment "FORMULA V DEVELOPMENT" The photo used by Ken McQueen Motors in the Add was
    taken by Jack Inwood for "Motorman Magazine" at a track test for an article published in the January 1968 issue of
    Motorman... The photos used in the add is being driven by the Editor of Motorman Don Anderson.
    Ken McQeen motors sponsored the "Ike Vee" for the 1967/68/69 season and used the chassis design as the basis for the subsequent
    McQueen Vee. Ivan Berry was supplying the bodies, seats and windscreens for the McQueen Cars.

    Photo #4 The McQeen Formula V - Advert.
    Name:  NSCC McQueen FV advert Milan Fistonic .jpg
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    Some other memories.......

    Peter Bruin ...Bright yellow Cooper Vincent was always competing ..... Dark Blue overalls - Red Helmet!

    Ken Flashman... Went on to drive a Formula Vee for Lynn Motors in a "Rebel Vee"...... Ken was unfortunate to damage his hand badly in the intake fan of the VW motor. "

    These photos were posted also on the Pukekohe thread - and comments were added - must compare notes and add here.

    Notes by Ross Hollings " AHH memories, Minimax on back of grid with Ken Flashman in the ex Peter Bruin Cooper Vincent.The U2 drivers name escapes me but will come when the brain electrodes join up!! [These comments relate to the dummy grid photo.] Have actually seen an 8mm film of this race,film exists in Australia with Doug Wentworth.

    Just read other posts,Yes Graeme Morley ,should read before I type,did not realise i raced against it again when i had the Humber 80 Special.! " who went on to Race and Hill Climb the MiniMax

    Thanks to IKE Ross Hollings and "Oldfart " Rhys for comments

    With regards to the MER ; Rhys wrote this " The "Mini Special" looks very MER like to me, could also be Les Reisterer? He had the first one of several built by Matamata Engineering. "

    I can now accurately date the photos.

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