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Thread: Austin-Healey’s and the Austin Healey Car Club of NZ and Others

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    Thanks Milan - I knew the owner Brenton Lee back in the early 1980's [ 1983 ] was a neighbour of my Girlfriends best Friend ..all must have been OK as the "Girlfriend " is now and has been since 1984 my wife.

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    Originally posted by Roger Dowding
    .....Can you confirm - the Slant SIX was the 225 ci, then came the Hemi in 245 ci and later 265 ci ?
    Had a 225 in my Dodge Ambulance - ex- St John that I was going to turn into a Camper - did take it away and sleep in it, but lost interest as too slow, not a Sports Car.....

    A coincidence there, I also bought a Dodge ambulance to turn into a camper. That's been forgotten now I've got my B350 van, of course.

    Yes, the slant was a 225, though they also sold them as 170 and 192ci versions in the US. The Hemi-6 was vertical and came in the 245ci version first, with a lousy 215 'poverty' version offered and the 265 coming a bit later. They were a much lighter engine.

    And I think no higher. The slant, amazingly, is actually taller than it would be if it wasn't slanted. It's on a 30° tilt and so one side of the head is still pretty high at that angle. I was captivated by this thought when I looked closely at the Peugeot 404 engine, which is on a 45° lean. The head is a little lower than it might have been if vertical, but the carby comes out on the top side and so (just like the Valiant engine) it sticks up higher than everything else.

    Of course that's all negated with the Webers on this car.

    There are websites offering different opinions, but you can't beat the tape measures when you check it out properly. The real reason for the slant is that it gave more room for nice even-flowing inlet manifolds while still allowing for things like brake boosters in LHD models. Of course, in RHD these things were disasters. Not that getting to the plugs and distributor didn't skin knuckles on the Yankee versions.

    Similarly, the Peugeot 404 would have been a wonderfully accessible bit of gear in LHD, steering, gear linkages, master cylinder, battery, clutch linkages, oil filter, distributor and fuel pump all placed in that great chasm when a vertical engine would take up space. Only the exhaust manifold on the underside. All spoiled with the conversion to RHD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Dowding View Post
    The BT7 [ Reg plate # BT7 ] that Ross mentions has featured on this thread - Raced by Phillip Mules at Hamilton Telecom Classic in 1994 and some more recent photos of Bernie with it in 2017- before he passed away.
    The Car was For Sale - in 2017.
    "BT7" is still for sale but isn't being actively advertised due to fatigue from too many test pilots and low ball offers!

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    Valiant Healey and the " Brit Euro "show Auckland 2019

    Ray Bell ;

    Re ; " Hmmm...

    A coincidence there, I also bought a Dodge ambulance to turn into a camper. "

    Thanks for the " Valiant " engine details - I had forgotten [ or didn't really know ] about the smaller capacity slant Six engines.

    As mentioned hope that BMC BOY posts some photos of the Valiant Healey - if it gets to the " Brit - Euro Show " in East Auckland.
    Looyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga 3rd March 2019

    I won't be there as back in the Bay by then ;

    Here are some details on this link ;

    " "

    Yours Truly could be a bit quiet for the next two weeks as after the weekend in Chatswood, Auckjland off the Waiheke Island to the " Family Cottage " - Grandma's House form 1947 to 1980, and stillin the Family..
    On a Data stick so not much capacity -

    Will leave you though with a Healey photo :

    Name:  A H Sprite yellow, Woodhill 1975  5-02-2014 11;38;31AM (3) (780x616).jpg
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    Posted a few times before -must try to drive safely on the trip!!
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    From a booklet celebrating 25 years of the Monterey Historic Automobile Races.

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