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Start of Heat 1 1959 NZ GP. Shelby in high-tailed "Piccolo" car with Jensen car (Chassis 2504) behind. And others of course! Apologies for poor quality of slide, but it was a long time ago and I was about 16 at the time, with a fairly ordinary Japanese Agfa clone 35mm. Who can name all 13 cars/drivers?
Just for the sake of accuracy, that was the start of Heat 2 for the 1959 NZ GP.

I wrote the grid positions in my programme. The grid was in rows of four cars.

1 Stirling Moss - Cooper
2 Ron Flockhart - BRM
3 Ross Jensen - Maserati
4 Carroll Shelby - Maserati
5 Johnny Mansel - Maserati
6 Pat Hoare - Ferrari
7 Gavin Quirk - Maserati
8 Ken Harris - Monza Ferrari
9 Arnold Glass - Ferrari
10 Alan Freeman - Talbot-Lago
11 Len Gilbert - Cooper-Bristol
12 - Syd Jensen - Cooper
13 Tony Shelly - Cooper

Max Richards in an Austin Healey 100S qualified to start 14th in this heat but did not start.

Gavin Quirk stalled at the start.