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Thread: Dunedin Street Races - revival meeting January 1984

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    so the meeting this thread is about would have been a one off 'revival' meeting, then it grew into a festival like the old days.
    thanks for looking that up Milan, it's certainaly a mission trying to sort this stuff out, particularly as i'm following bikes, and they may have come and gone...

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    This is from the Speedsport report of the 1997 Southern Festival of Speed meeting at Dunedin.

    Name:  img822 (2).jpg
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    There were no bike races at the 1992, '95, '96, '98 meetings.

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    Motoring History another set of facts !!

    Speed limits and conversion from " English " to Metric = MpH to KpH
    This from Kelvin Brown
    " Had to check that, our NZ road metric change was in 1975. Of interest were the NZ open road speed changes we have had. 1962 from 50 to 55 mph, 1969 from 55 to 60 mph, 1973 from 60 to 50 mph or 80 kph. 1986 from 80 to 100 kph. "

    This makes more sense now ; - and a bit more on the McLaughlin Healey
    - These speeds are from 1963 - Thanks Kelvin Brown.
    Would have been the inaugural " Pukekohe " New Zealand Grand Prix meeting.

    Name:  Pukekohe 1963 #24 January 63 Speeds and entries McLaughlin AH P2 Kelvin Brown .jpg
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    Keith Yeats in the Orchid in this part and the other McLaughlin / McLoughlin in a Sprite

    Name:  Orchid Special #25 Jan 1963 Speeds and Entries P3 Orchid Kelvin Brown .jpg
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    Will put the full list on the Pukekohe thread
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    didnt we change to KM in 1974?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jellywrestler View Post
    didnt we change to KM in 1974?
    You could be right, I was just going by the comment above which mentions 1975 - and remember getting stickers with numbers for the km equivalent of the proposed KM equivalent speed limits to attach to the speedo on my first Mini back in the late 1960's.

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    Caffeine and Classics Smales Farm Auckland..and Random pics

    Didn't get to July or August and will miss September too !!

    A couple more photos from the June event - when UN7284 was allowed out for the first time in 12 months as road legal and mobile again.

    Had mentioned using this thread a bit like ERC's just a mix of pics as don't want to start another thread.

    Apologies if any posted before - will keep away from AH and Austin [Metro ] as know they have been seen.

    Name:  C and C 2020 #174 Jeep - Brazil model 2020_06_27_1614 (640x427) (2).jpg
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    just posted on ERC's thread that Brazilian Jeep

    Name:  C and C 2020 #185 MX5 red and Humber 2020_06_27_1625 (640x427) (2).jpg
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    J for Japan and H for Humber - probably never seen together before.

    A couple of random photo's both taken at Te Poi, near Matamata on a property in Rapurapu Road SH28 - this
    " VANDUB " a Kombi camper belongs to a family friend who called in to see us in Omokoroa this week -[ in her modern - which was a pity ] I will see VANDUB when next in Auckland.
    Name:  Vandub #1 Roger driving Jeff Tuffey Easter 2019 .jpg
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    " Year: 1970
    Model: KOMBI
    Colour: Blue
    Second Colour: White
    Submodel: CAMPER
    Body Style: Self Propelled Caravan
    VIN: 7A8J40J1095073055
    Plate: VANDUB
    Engine No: 5545AD-378542
    Chassis: 2272073055 "

    Another Family friends vehicle an ex Tokyo Fire Department Toyota Dyna Fire Truck a 1990's model but when it arrived in NZ only had about 7000km on the clock, my friends Dad owns it and it lives in Matamata.

    Name:  Vinka Farms #42 The Fire Truck and Cyril.jpg
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    The DYNA
    " Year: 1997 (1996-09)
    Make: TOYOTA
    Model: DYNA
    Colour: Red
    Body Style: Flat Deck Truck
    VIN: 7AT0H60EX18003572
    Plate: LMJ637
    Engine No: 3L-COVERED
    Chassis: LY151-0003572
    Vehicle Type: Goods Van/Truck/Utility
    Seats: 6 "
    Yes it does seat 6 - a double cab and still has all the clips on the back of the front seat for the firemen to stow their gear.

    The owner sitting in the Drivers Seat - he loves his new Truck - his other vehicle is a Long wheel base Land Rover Defender also of 1990's vintage a Station Wagon version, and on the farm a SWB Landrover Pickup of around 1990 vintage - another Classic

    Ken H, Kevin H and Rhys N will all know the area.


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    Where ? and When ..

    The answer is there if you hover your cursor over the Photos.

    The link was sent to me by Richard Armstrong, a Rally and Racing guy from Hamilton Car Club, now living in Tauranga.

    Three well known cars, well - One very well known one well known and the third known for being unusual !!
    One still exists and is in New Zealand the second still exists but not as seen here - the third ?

    Name:  Matamata 1965 #33 1965 Lycoming Special Jim Boyd Glen Kirk .jpg
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    Name:  Matamata 1965 #32 1965 Morrari Garth Souness on trailer Glen Kirk .jpg
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    Name:  Matamata 1965 #31 1965 grid De Soto Lumsden Dodge Coup3 Graeme Park Anglia Glen Kirk .jpg
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    details may a bit incorrect on this photo - all from Glen Kirk archives.
    Will try to find if Glen has anymore.

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