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Thread: Limited Edition Art Prints For Sale

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    Limited Edition Art Prints For Sale

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    We're in the process of setting up an online shop at The Roaring Season to help support the site financially. One of the products that will be available for a short time will be a small number of A2 size (59.4cm x 42cm) Limited Edition Prints.

    These prints are taken from a series of oil on canvas paintings produced around 10 years ago, and rarely seen in public. There are 6 different designs to choose from, printed to high quality 220 gram art paper.

    These are being printed in extremely limited numbers; just 50 of each design. They cost only NZ$65 each plus shipping. Each is signed and numbered by the artist.

    We're now taking pre-orders, where you can choose your print number, if it hasn't already been taken. Please email me at: to secure yours. Once they're gone, there will be no more.

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    Hi Steve, the prints look fantastic.

    Two quick queries please:

    You note there 6 prints, and 6 now showing. However yesterday the sixth was of Jane's Camaro by itself.
    Today the sixth is of Jane and Moffat. So are there more than 6?

    Beneath each print there is a heading but then the 2 lines below that are the same for each . ?



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    Hi Terry, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like them.

    In regards your questions, there are 6 different prints, and yes you correctly spotted there were two different Bob Jane Camaro paintings. My preferred one is the one now showing above, at the 1971 Oran Park ATCC final with Moffat just behind. But this print is from a commissioned painting, and I couldn't use it without the permission of the person who paid for the commission. I contacted him to ask, but didn't hear back for several days, so decided to opt for another painting of the Camaro instead. But by the time I'd posted that one, the owner of the commission replied and gave the green light to use his painting.

    Regarding the text that appears beneath the name of each painting, as we're doing the print layout, we're just using a template to show how each will appear. When they're eventually ready for printing, each will have its own description relating to the car in the image.

    Hope that makes sense?

    Thanks again Terry.

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    Great artworks Steve! Nice reflections. Lots of work in many of those i.e.: detail in the grills!
    What's the medium of the original and would you be interested in adding some of my prints to your shop?

    Ps just saw they are oil on canvas! Even more impressed now as that's a hard medium.

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    Hi Steve

    Prints look good. As your name is on them, am I correct in assuming you painted the originals??? Are they all mono, as shown or were they originally painted in colour??? Must admit, they have a similar look and feel to the work of Martin de Lange, another automotive artist over here, who seems to be having a break at the moment.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post
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    Steve, have PM'd you

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