Borrowed from the Auckland Harbour Bridge Facebook Page - they were posted on Timespanner - another History Group about Auckland..
Taken at the time the Southbound Tolls were removed - No tolls and no tollgates either, on those lanes .

Article from the Herald in 1972

Name:  AHB #046 April 1972 Southbound Toll Gates go 1972 NZ Herald .jpg
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One of the Signs was acquired in recent years from an Antique Shop in Pukekohe. Gentleman not named.

Name:  AHB #047 Toll Gates The Sign 20cents Toll Gates go Southbound April 1972  .jpg
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The 20 Cent Tickets - still in my collection.

Name:  AHB #010 Bridge Toll Tickets R Dowding.jpg
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Northbound Tolls didn't go until the 1980's - People living on the North Shore had to pay to get home.
The Police also found the Tollgates a very convenient place for a Breathalyser Check as the cars were travelling slowly [ usually ].

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Authority - used a variety of vehicles to rescue / push stranded or broken down motorists.
The earliest were these ; my own photo from 1963

Name:  AHB #001 Austin Gypsy 1963 R Dowding.jpg
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Later these - a Publicity photo from AHBA. Lew Redwood archives - GB and GC plates date from 1972

Name:  AHB #048 B sml AHBA Control Landrovers GB and GC Registrations heritage images  N0116084 L Redwo.jpg
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Even later these - there seems to be a theme in the style of the Vehicles used. Dave A Howell archives.
KH2277 plate issued in 1981

Name:  AHB #049 AHBA Toyota Breakdown Truck D Howell  (2).jpg
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All qualify as Vintage Vehicles now...