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Thread: Motoring pics Vintage cars - early years, events from 1960's 70's and 80's

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    Ford Model A BZ3656.

    " Year: 1930
    Make: FORD
    Model: SEDAN
    Colour: Black
    Second Colour: Red
    Body Style: Saloon
    Plate: BZ3656
    Engine No: CAE404
    Chassis: CAU1343 "

    " BZ3656
    Plate Type: Standard
    Origin: NZ New
    Used as: Private Passenger vehicle
    Cause of Latest Registration: New
    NZ First Registration: 05-May-1930
    NZ Last Registration: Get Full CarJam Report
    Was Registered Overseas? No "

    Car was New in New Zealand in 1930. Most likely a CKD Kit out of Canada - the John Stokes Book "Ford in New Zealand should tell.

    Recent photo of the car - duotone and with cream or white wheels ..

    Name:  Hunua Hundred 1971 #38 ModelA Ford BZ3656 Charles Liddell in 1971 Carjam .jpg
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    Repost of the Official photo of the car - the start of the Hunua Hundred in 1971.
    ** Car has black wheels and I seem to think was only one colour " Black " at that time.
    Carjam mentions Black with Red - so ?? - unless taken back to original, if known !!

    Name:  Hunua Hundred 1971 #23 Auckland VVCC the Model A. Official photo CCI27092015_0001 (800x620).jpg
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    The crew [ Ken H's Gangsters sans guns ]. Sepia print to reflect the right age ??

    Name:  Hunua Hundred 1971 #25 VCC Sepia CCI08072015 (1280x902) (2).jpg
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    Ford in New Zealand - the book. John Stokes Fb photo Mark Three Zephyr - just like our family had 1963 -68 ..and the Author.

    Name:  Cars #326 John Stokes Ford in NZ Book .jpg
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    why the audi and daimler in the last photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 928 View Post
    why the audi and daimler in the last photo?
    928, your question ??
    That is from John Stokes Facebook page - guess he likes them !! - I got for the Book Cover ..
    Understand that John is writing another book on Ford in New Zealand, more about the Seaview Plant than the cars.

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    That Ford 'New Beauty' is the same as the one I went on my first trip to Boggabilla in...

    No it's not! Ours had a spare wheel on a front mudguard. But it wasn't black, it was a very dark blue.

    It was quite a trip, the exhaust pipe broke somewhere near Dungog and made it quite noisy until we got to Taree.

    I remember this trip quite well, right up to when we went to play in the river at 'Little Bondi' between Boggabilla and Goondiwindi, but I recall nothing whatever of the drive home.

    Oddly, I am the only person left who recalls the trip details at all. My 'big' sister doesn't remember anything, nor does my younger brother, my youngest brother was there, but only a baby and he died 11 years ago anyway.

    It was certainly different to our previous car, a Chev 4 converted to a panel van.
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    You will have to write a book, just the names of the towns / places, amused those I shared this with here at work today.
    Ken H

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    EK4 1931 Vauxhall Tourer ..

    Saw this today at Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, Tauranga .. no photo just noted the Plate

    " Year: 1931
    Make: VAUXHALL
    Model: TOURER
    Colour: Silver
    Submodel: T80
    Body Style: Convertible
    VIN: 7A8HP0W0703756410
    Plate: EK4
    Engine No: 356025
    Chassis: 2216 "

    Car is now a dark green almost black - Huge Tourer and very tidy too !!.
    John Mck - may know of it - done work on it or ??.

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    Vanguard GT - TR3 Special ..

    An interesting car - 1952 Standard Vanguard - a wreck provided the chassis and some components including the Engine. -Motor has been modified with TR3 parts and stated to have TR4 specs.

    Body of the car is Fibreglass, by Ferris De Joux
    If it looks familar - It is - as Ferris De Joux used the same body on his own Holden powered Coupe.

    Photos from Sports Car World March 1964 issue -kindly given to me by BMC BOY [ Ross there were some photos cut out from other articles in the Magazine ? ].

    Car was built by Kevin Lamb around 1963 -details from SCW March 1964 - Australian Magazine - article written by Grant Howard who was the New Zealand correspondent for SCW in the 1960's

    Name:  Motoring Books #966 Lamb TR Special 1 SCW Mar 19642020_02_22_1345 (533x800).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #969 Lamb TR Special 1 SCW Mar 1964 2020_02_22_1345 (533x800).jpg
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    Photos a bit small - may try to resize !

    This thread is called " Motoring pics Vintage cars -.."
    The car is that now 1952 Chassis, mid to late 1950's mechanicals and created in 1963, Under the 30 year rule its a Vintage - wonder if it still exists.
    Any information welcome.

    Have gleaned quite a bit more about this car and the other similar bodied one - Bodies by Ferris De Joux - some details posted on the De Joux thread ..
    Rumours are of a third car No1, Holden 6 powered - later repowered with a Holden 253 V8 - then ?a 350 V8.. however there is a comment that the Holden car was wrecked in 1967 .. sohis is there a third body - as a non Vanguard powered car - a V8 was for sale in 2013 ??
    Questions, ??
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    Vintage Car photos - well they were recent/current when the photos were taken

    Cigarette Cards - just going through my boxes of Motoring Memorabilia and uncovered these.
    The Album was put together by my late Father when he was young - he was smoker so assume he collected them himself in the late 1930's the cards a set of 50 by WD and HO Wills and they are in a
    " Three Caftles " - Castles but using the old fashioned for of the " s ".

    The 50 cards take up about half the album - I had found some cards in another book but they turned out to be duplicates.

    The " Three Castles " Album
    and the Five pages of cards.

    Name:  Motoring Books #287 Cigarette Cards 3 Castles Album 2020_06_08_1557 (640x452) (3).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #288 Cigarette Cards 1 - 10 p1 2020_06_08_1558 (421x640) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #289 Cigarette Cards 11 - 20 p2 2020_06_08_1559 (423x640) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #290 Cigarette Cards 21 -30 p3 2020_06_08_1560 (440x640) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #291 Cigarette Cards 31 - 40 p4 2020_06_08_1561 (450x640) (2).jpg
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    Name:  Motoring Books #292 Cigarette Cards 41 - 50 p5  2020_06_08_1562 (438x640) (2).jpg
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    Images were photgraphed not scanned - will see how they look and later scan both the photos and the reverse with details of the cars.

    Have also just acquired the " Souvenir Booklet " from the " 13th International Vintage and Veteran [ Car ] Rally " held in New Zealand in 1972.
    I took a lot of photos of the Rally group who went on Route 22 the Hamilton to nelson Section when the cars were in Napier - have posted the photos previously but will post some highlights and now have more details on the cars.

    Booklet came from Tony haycock a Vintage Car guy and former editor of the NZ Classic Driver Magazine back in the early 2000's through to around 2015.
    More to come on this thread.

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    13th International Vintage and Veteran [ Car ] Rally 1972

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Dowding View Post
    Have found 36 colour photos of the same Rally - taken on the ex-wifes camera from memory indicates the event was early photos of the same car in the same place .. memory fade obviously in the original posts.
    With the Souvenir Booklet now at hand can more correctly identify the cars in Napier which I photographed some in Monochrome some in colour - was using two different camera's my Brownie Starlet [ square prints ] with the B W ones and my ex-wifes one as mentioned in the post - for the colour shots and maybe some B W too !!

    The 13th International VV Rally .. the booklet and another book cover ..

    Name:  Vintage Rally 1972 #166 The Programme Event Booklet - original colours cover J Manhire (2).jpg
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    Just acquired a copy of this booklet too - set is complete of the Rally's publications - unless there is a further book with results etc.. [ 18 June 2020 ]
    Name:  Vintage Rally 1972 #165 Booklet Cover Russ Cunningham .jpg
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    My Mate the late Don Osborne and his 1919 Buick..
    a Colour photo with Don standing by the car facing the Guy with his back in view.

    Name:  Vintage Rally 1972 #115 1919 Buick - Don Osborne CCI11022016_0004 (800x576).jpg
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    More to come on this thread with the booklet and the just posted Cigarette Cards.
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