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    Tony Lowe

    I have been lurking and keeping in touch with the site for some time now , I don't get out and about much these days so live my motor sport through others these days.
    an number ofM
    I have owned and raced MG,s , the Mallock U2 , E Type jag , The Jim Boyde Buckler ( sold last year to Kerikeri ) and the odd saloon.As Well a rather rare 1971 Honda 9c 1300 Saloon.

    My main project is Ron Roycrofts 1915 Studebaker raceabout, If Grant McMillan can ever figure how to share it off his phone , there is a clip of it starting mid last year and running for the first time in over 50 yrs.It is about 80% complete,
    It could well have some examples of galvanizing Ron and his mate developed.
    Would be keen to hear more about the car if anyone knows anything.Or anyone with parts .

    I have the odd one or two hundred SU carbs and parts, ( who else is mad enough to spend 50 yrs hoarding SU,s)

    And after some high tech surgery I might be getting back out to the tracks and watch you all playing next year..Fingers crossed.

    tony lowe

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    Good to see you here Tony. Would be good to see you about. I guess you know the Buckler is now in the UK, hopefully temporarily.

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    I was disappointed to find it went to the UK, I hope it is just so he can show it to his very elderly friend that was excited about the car and will be back in NZ . He seemed good straight up guy and assured me it would be left in NZ for him to play with when he was down here for the summers.
    I had already trued down somewhat more from a UK buyer because I wanted it to stay in NZ . But one can only do what one can .

    I hope to get the go ahead to get the old 1962 Charlie Conway / Naidu period turbo charged MGB back ready for the circuit , if Renton gets a move on it will be ready for this summer..
    Love to see any old photo's of the like..


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    Hi Tony, welcome to The Roaring Season. I'm sorry for not welcoming you sooner. I'm getting slack!

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