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Thread: RIP Chris Amon

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    Just read the news on Facebook
    \Sad Day for the family and for NZ Motorsport and indeed the world of Le Mans and Formula One .. RIP Chris Amon

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    Oh no! Thats terribly sand news. RIP Chris. Farewell to a true Kiwi great.

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    RIP Chris - NZFMR 2011

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    RIP Chris - you're a bloody legend!

    Although we have been expecting this announcement for many months, it was still a great shock to hear it on TV3 tonight. Nice to see that TV3 acknowledged the significance on this news, and made it their lead story, instead of burying it amongst its sports news.

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    A true legend, a gentleman and hero............Chris has won his last race and passed to the great cheqeured flag in the sky.
    Rest well Chris.

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    Hats off, gentlemen.

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    Photo by Bill Pottinger.

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    I'm amazed! Chris Amon's status has already been updated on Wikipedia ...

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    Totally stunned - I didn't know he'd been battling cancer! Off to join Eoin, Denny, Bruce, Phil... and all the others.......
    Farewell Chris, and thanks for all the memories.
    Condolences to his family and friends....

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    Christopher Arthur Amon, MBE (July 20th 1943 - August 3rd 2016)

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    Brabham, Hill & Amon

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    Chris with Ferrari

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    1969 Spanish GP - Hill, Amon & Rindt

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    1967 Belgian GP - Amon & Rindt

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    Chris Amon - Ferrari - 1969

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    This was not unexpected by me, but never the less it's a very sad day. As Enzo said "The best driver...." RIP, best wishes family and frends

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    Love that shot of the Matra! Chris as we loved to see him...

    Certainly, 73 is too young to go, even if he played among those much older than him for years. Let's remember his Tasman title, his two NZIGP wins, his AGP win and those battles between him and Clark and Rindt in the 49s.

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    as well he had to face the Christmas bowling of this bloke at the family farm!
    God speed Chris.
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